Bachelor of Craft and Design – Furniture | Sheridan

Hi my name is Peter Fleming and I head the furniture studio in Sheridan’s Bachelor of Crafts and Design Program. The amazing thing about furniture is
that it reflects the human body. It’s really what what we look at in terms supporting our activities, and it defines the world around us in a way that
architecture can’t, really. Furniture you move around, and respond to directly with your human experience, and I love the idea of altering people’s experience. Here at Sheridan we really value the students’ experience in the physical object. They design pieces, research the uses of these pieces, and then build
the actual objects so that people can test how they actually will function. Students can be working either in the studio, working on building pieces, or drafting, doing sketching, making models, and full-scale mock-ups of pieces.
So there’s a real range of activity. Right now, our third year students are working on
quite complex projects that involve external partners to do community engagement and design, so we’re
working with YWCA of Metro Toronto right now to design all the furniture for
a drop-in shelter and that will be finished in May. We start with the most basic
elements of how to put two pieces of wood together, and end up designing pieces of furniture that will last
for decades in the public realm.

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