AutoCAD 2D Basics – Tutorial to draw a simple floor plan (Fast and efective!) PART 1

Hi guys! In this tutorial I will explain you some technics that I use to draw this simple floor plan in a reasonable time In this 1st part of this tutorial I am going to prepare first my workspace for drawing with efficiency and precision but have in mind that this is just my way to organize the things some people don’t use the GRID and the SNAP MODE those are just optional tools after I will draw my Exterior Wall and then my Interior Walls The 1st thing I will do is to make sure I use the correct units I can type units with my keyboard to open the DRAWING UNITS panel Here, where it says “length” I have to choose the type of measurements that I need and the precision that I want in my case I will use decimal and precision zero for the units, I will use milimetres now I click OK! So, the next thing is to set up my layers If you pay attention to the drawing You will notice that I have different colours here that’s because I separate in layers the doors, the windows and the walls to create a new layer I can type layer with my keyboard or click in this button here This is the layer properties manager to add a new layer just click somewhere in this box with the right button and now, I will click on “new layer” so, for my first layer, I will name it as “walls” and I will do the same for all the other layers this 2nd one, I will name it as “doors” this one “windows” and the last one will be: “dimensions” for the dimension lines Now I will change the colours for all my layers have in mind that we can change these colours any time that we want I also like to use light colours because they are easier to see At the bar at the bottom there are few things to set up before start drawing the second button here will switch on or switch off the SNAP MODE If I have the SNAP MODE deactivated we will not have any precision when drawing lines as you can see here on the other hand if I switch it on you will notice that I can only move my mouse in some points in this case, in a distance of 5mm to set up this, I can click here with my right button and then, on settings In this box, I can change my SNAP SPACING as I told you before I have it as 5mm Now, If I am using the grid I can also change the spacing here If you look in this diagram on the right you will see that I have in my grid a major line in every 5 secondary lines You can change that in this box here another thing if you want to switch on or switch off the grid just click in this button One last thing that we should activate before start drawing is the “object snap” (or OSNAP) this is very important to draw with precision so I will type “OSNAP” as you can see here this acts like a magnet and after, you will understand why Here in this panel I can choose the points where I want to use the “magnet” in this case I will select only the ENDPOINT, MIDPOINT and EXTENSION finally I click OK now, I will show you how it works I am going to draw a line now I click ESC and click ENTER to start again the same command so here, you can see that the endpoint appears on my screen if I click there the 1st point of my new line will start precisely from my “endpoint” but, I will not click and I am going more or less to the middle and you can see where the middle point is So, if I click when the triangle is on the screen my next line will start exactly from the middle point Now I am ready to start my drawing The first thing I am going to draw is the first line of the exterior wall I will use the command POLYLINE This is very simple I just have to insert the length of my lines till all my boundary is completed also be sure that POLAR MODE is turned on We need it to draw precise horizontal and vertical lines So, once is finished I will draw the 2nd internal line of my wall using OFFSET So, I will type OFFSET or simply “O” now, it says to “specify OFFSET distance” I will type 300 because is the thickness of my wall Now, I have to select my object and I will click on the middle as you see my exterior wall is finished My next step is to draw the interior walls There are several ways to do it but I think a very fast way is to draw room by room I am going to draw the 1st room using LINE Now I put my mouse pointer over the corner without clicking I start moving down slowly and now I enter the distance from the green cross that I want to start drawing my line to do this I need to activate “Extension” on the OBJECT SNAP and I also need the “Nearest” deactivated Now I will enter the length of my room and now I draw vertically till the exterior wall so, the first room is done now I have to do the same for all the others for example, here from the endpoint I move to the right I type the distance and click ENTER So, for the last room I am going to use the GRID to help me I know that those wall thicknesses are 15cm and that corresponds of 3 squares with this zoom for cases like this, I find the GRID very useful because I use it as my reference Now I have finished all my walls! So this is all for the first part of this tutorial in the part 2 I will show you how to draw and insert windows and doors without spending too much time So, thank you very much for watching and see you soon

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