Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show | Official Trailer | Netflix

What’s your secret?
Your skin looks so flawless. You know what they say,
“Black don’t crack.” It’s finally happening. Take me! It’s my time! He Robin of Locksley. He rob from the rich
and give to the white– My brother. Rise and shine, homie. It’s Ice Cube Day. Ricky!Shake what your mama gave ya’cause she never had a chance
to dance on tables
as freely as you can
’til the late 1930s
blacks weren’t even allowed
in the same clubs as whites
Mary Poppins?Find the fun, sing a tuneGet some sugar and a spoonIt’s called resting creep face. Resting creep face? This woman is making it clap
on the wing of this 747. We’re pregnant! MLK was a– Hallelujah! I’m so very sorry for
the death of your poodle. He’s quite alive. Oh? Then what is your
wig comprised of? Are we in a library? Because she just got read.


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