[ASMR] Painting Your Face! (Relaxing Roleplay) (Soft Spoken)

Hi there Are you looking to get your face painted? Well you actually came to the right spot How did you know I was a face painter? I’m teasing So please, Take a seat right there Are you comfortable? good Yeah this is just um something I do on the weekends Get a little extra cash Well the city pays me actually So it’s free for you Yeah it’s just sort of a nice, neighborhood thing So I have a bunch of non-toxic paints And I can pretty much do whatever you want What are you thinking? Some sort of intricate design? I could make you a tiger We could do Batman I could give you lots of sparkles I think we can do that yeah We’ll use a few colors and then My white paint is awesome You can kind of see it on my cheek It’s on this side right? It shows up really bright on skin which is really cool, a lot of the time um white paints aren’t so pigmented But these are awesome Okie doke So I want to use white and pink I have my big bin of paints here Along with some brushes got my paper towels and my water which I’m going to keep to the side so I don’t spill everywhere Here’s my handy dandy fancy palette And I actually have some tape and this I can use to make really sharp lines kind of like painters tape for your face awesome :3 So let’s just go ahead and get started. So I think I’ll use the inside of this The lid’s getting kind of messy So like I said I want to start with the pink It’s nice to start with the lighter colors so you can gradually put darker colors on top but this dries pretty well so I’m going to do the white last for the highlights cause it’ll just go right over it and I just work with a little bit of paint at a time. So let’s get this brush. You ready? Do you have anything like makeup, sunscreen on your face No? OK Here we go And this paint is super buildable so you’ll probably see me going in for more color all the time because I like to just do little strokes to keep it pigmented You know I’ve never actually done this design before. You nervous? I’m just kidding you can trust me. (Subtitle Maker: OR CAN I?!) But I actually have never done this design before. I get kids a lot that always want to be like Elsa or Spiderman… I’m not really sure how to make them Elsa. you know because she’s just sort of like a normal…person? so I go like do you want to be an ice princess and they’re like “Yeah”, so I give them blue and white sparkles and snowflakes and there Elsa at least in their own minds you know. So you- are you going anywhere after this? Well I’m sure… your face painting will be a hit. Feel free to send anyone my way. OK, so I’m going to put that aside and get my water. (SM: lol) get a little… paper towel… Sorry I keep winking at customers today. I think I’m starting to creep everybody out. OK I want to go in with the red next, sort of like um almost an ombre effect It will be a nice transition with the pink I guess we only need a little bit do do do OK so you have the two pink lines here. and then I want to add the red in… because we are going to make you a sparkly sunset… fairy blossom. That’s what you wanted right? OK good. I think you’re going to look pretty magical. do do do do do Yeah it’s kind of blending in with the pink… I like it it looks good. Just get like those little strokes Is that OK if I touch your face? I washed my hands I promise. OK cool. Sorry, I know some people get weird With other people touching their face… But it’s usually not the same people who get their face painted by strangers. Very nice. Very very nice. Other side… Cool Okie dokie This is kind of what your face looks like right now. Just wait till we start adding the other colors. Alright I want to do more of those like zigzag patterns choo choo choo choo choo Yeah and that is going to be for the teal This is like Caribean blue aka turquoise- teally Put it right on top of the old one Cool cool cool cool cool It’s a little bit of a stiffer brush so we’re going to get a nice texture But don’t worry, it won’t be too rough choo choo choo choo choo choo doo doo doo doo And by your temples right here and right here Yeah I’ve been face painting for a few hours today I find it really relaxing Having um… people’s faces as a canvas is kind of cool It’s a lot more personal then being at home with just like a canvas or like a regular piece of paper Plus people are so happy when it’s done and they get to see the final product They feel pretty and special because they’re literally a work of art It’s like the instant satisfaction It’s just like the little things you know, you gotta find things during the day that um… make you happy OK yes, yellow This is real yellow As opposed to fake yellow This is going to add an amazing pop What d you think? Mm hm, I agree Let’s do it over here Let us do oh yeah I think we’re going to need this detail brush so I want to add little swirls like ah Like you know those little curly cues So it’ll swirl over and then I’ll add a little across from that and around the side and then when I accent it with the white hoo hoo hoo it’s going to look great OK, here we go swirl number one oh I’m fine My skin is so sensitive It’s like can I even scratch myself without looking like I got in a dogfight OK swirly swirl add a tail swirly swirl Oh my gosh I love this swirly swirl beautiful OK let’s do the other side swirly swirl I like adding on to it It looks really fancy Now I’m going to go under your eyebrow Nice doo doo Let me redo that one Wonderful You can see the color at the bottom Don’t drink it but it looks pretty Alright Last but certainly not least let’s get those accents in there And I’m going to use this detail brush again I think what I want to do is detail here and then sort of do accents on the swirls And then do dots up the side where the pink and red are It’s going to look really cool and I’ll add some like sparkle effects so it almost looks like sparkle freckles or something All right back in the box I actually found my better detail brush this one’s a little more precise and to be honest I like um the smaller handle It’s actually broken but I like it OK so I got to dot a few times first to get that excess off and then I’m going to do your freckles, here we go freckle there there there Mm hm What can I say I am a master I’m teasing, but it does look pretty cool OK so let’s do the accents On the swirls When you get really detailed sometimes your pinkie just, phew goes up in the air like it knows your doing something fancy The other side Lovely and let’s do a sparkle here and a sparkle here mm hm and let’s go on your eye not on your eyeball but that’s a cool effect I think you’ll like it right there… okey dokey OK. Let’s just clean off my brush here Just gonna I don’t want you to walk away with a wet face because people have a tendency to touch it out of habit and I don’t want this to be ruined, it looks so good Can I? Just a little damp there OK let me touch right there Yeah OK Much much much much better Yeah no problem. Like I said no charge so it’s all thanks to the city Well I hope you enjoy your day Yeah go take a bunch of pictures Come back anytime OK Bye

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