Armstrong and Miller – WWII RAF Sketch 5 [subtitled]

[laughter] [German accent] Welcome to Germany, gentlemen! [Posh BBC accent] He talks funny, isn’t it? Like out of a film or something. He’s German, like that guy we’re fighting. Hitler, or whatever. He’s German as well, or something. Your first time in this country? I went to Bologne on a school trip in the 5th year,
got all flick-knives and shit, and porn mags and whatever. Mrs Daniels searched my bag and I was excluded for 10 days. No way. 10 days? That’s actually like abuse. You know what I mean? Mrs Daniels was a right munter. [laughter] Bologne is in France, not Germany. Whatever. I was away when we did Geography – my nan died. Cigarette, gentlemen? No, duh! They’re like disgusting and really bad for you. Can you actually put that out, because I’m like breathing in
your smoke and stuff and that’s against my human rights? It’s like a sort of murder. [laughter] When you were shot down, you were on a
reconnaissance mission over the suburbs of Munich. What were you looking for? You know, places to bomb and stuff, like… factories or some shit like that. I shouldn’t actually have been in the plane. I only
came along because I’m going out with his sister. [laughter] She’s well up for it! Oi, that’s my sister, man! I know! She is well up for it though. [laughter] No, she is well up for it, she’s a slag. [laughter] A bombing mission is planned for the Munich suburbs. Tell me more. No way, you’re not my dad! [laughter] I can and will use force if necessary to extract information from you. You actually can’t, because that’s against the Geneva convention and shit. You can get like taken to court and fined or something. I want legal aid and a telephone call, that is my rights. Do not talk to me about your rights! You have no rights in this room! Ah… Actually… they do? [laughter] It’s like… the law and shit. [laughter] We did it as a module at Berlin Uni.
Uhm, I didn’t believe the lecturer at first! And this is me to the geezer: ‘Are you
sure, mate?’ And he’s all like, ‘Ja!’ [laughter] You know what I’m saying? Silence! Well, he needs to take a chill-pill! You know what I mean? – Isn’t it?
– Isn’t it? – Isn’t it?
– Isn’t it? – Isn’t it?
– Standard! [laughter]

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