Architecture Sketch Photoshop Tutorial

Hello everyone , Today I will show you how to use Architecture sketch Action this product contains three files Action , Brushes and Patterns files Before we start the action you must load the three files to Photoshop And here is the easiest way to do this From action’s panel press on small top corner icon , choose load actions and select action file from your computer. Action file is loaded successfully now Go to Edit menu , choose Presets , and select Preset manager from the new window , press on drop menu and choose brushes , press on load button , and select brushes file from your computer again choose patterns from drop menu , and press load button , and select patterns file from your compuer And finally press done Now three files are loaded successfully to Photoshop Next step is very important create new layer called “brush” all lowercase letters Choose Brush tool and select soft or hard rounded brush Pick any color And start brush over the effect area in the new layer ” brush ” Finally Play action It’s done now And you can view parts of original image select Image mask layer and press on layer mask use a suitable brush and brush over the original parts you would like to expose Be sure that the foreground color is White you can change colors and adjustment as you like There are 7 different colors options and amazing options Thank you for choosing my products , See you in the next video

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