April/May 2019 AM+PM Skincare Routine | Hyperpigmentation Melasma and Aging Skin

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel today I wanted to share with you how I am Recovering from some sun exposure. I’m gonna share a clip with you in just a second that Should be labeled, you know not Good for all audiences because it’s kind of scary. I’m gonna tell you it was the last day of my trip in Colombia and my pigment was Crazy, I mean you will see it was crazy, and I wanted to share with you what I’ve been doing since I got home religiously morning and night my skincare routine I’m gonna roll that clip you are gonna see what I’m talking about and you’re gonna know where I started Three weeks ago and how I’ve gotten where I am right now it’s our last day here and Unfortunately, I can see even with the tons of sunscreen What the Sun has done to my skin all of the hyperpigmentation here So much Has come out in my skin and it is been an absolutely beautiful vacation but when I get home, I’m going to have to kind of Restart my fight against this hyperpigmentation. That’s for sure. This is where I am So it’s kind of hard not to see this out a little bit, but I’m paying for it now Anyway, I will see you guys back when the fight is on Okay, so as you can see I Really got some crazy pigment in Colombia and as soon as I got home, it was like game on I just pulled out all the stops and Kind of revisited my best AM and PM Skincare routine for me now. I really do want to reiterate that you do not need all of these products These are just the things that I’m using right now I’m gonna list as many Alternatives as I can in the description box and feel free to always ask me if you have products that you think Match up to these categories then that is awesome. Use what you have So let’s get right into the nighttime skincare routine First of all, I start out with my cleansing mom right now. I’m loving this Physicians Formula This is the perfect much a three-in-one cleansing balm I take a generous scoop of it and I emulsify it between my hands and I Put it all over my face my neck the back of my neck I get everywhere basically from clavicle to here where I’ve applied sunscreen and certainly makeup Of course I massage that in for a decent amount of time I rinse and I usually have to use a warm washcloth You know for the back of my neck that kind of thing Then I go right in with my cleanser of choice. And right now that is the LA roche-posay This is the pigment Claire the reason why I like this cleanser right now you guys is this the perfect second cleanse it? Just takes a little bit and it foams up nicely and even though I am normal to dry and I am dehydrated I really appreciate it after a bomb or an oil cleanser because it gets rid of all of The residue and really feels like it cleans my skin. Well it contains lipo hydroxy acid, which is a Relative of salicylic acid, so it’s fantastic for congestion. It’s fantastic for pores and I really feel like it keeps my skin clear as far as Congestion and blackheads. It also does help with your pigment. So this is just choice for me right now This tube goes forever because you really really use a tiny amount and I really like it very much now what I’m doing next is I’m actually letting my skin dry for 15 minutes because I’m really trying to mitigate the irritation of The vitamin vitamin a I give myself good 15 minutes. I just let my skin dry brush my teeth I do some of that other stuff then what I’m doing is I am alternating nights one night I am doing a retinol and right now that happens to be elastin and this one is renewal retinol 0.25 if you have a retinol any retinol will fit in this is the Vitamin A step at night for me And this is important vitamin A because it is going to on a dermal level help to encourage New cell turnover. It’s going to thicken your dermis. It’s going to help with collagen production It’s going to help with cell to cell communication so that your melanocytes and your karate sites are talking to each other So you get more even pigment it’s going to push those healthy cells to the surface So that you will be revealing better looking cells that are genuinely Healthier now on the other nights. I am back to using a retina This one is from Obagi. It is the 0.05. I’m only using this every three days So I am alternating but every three days I’m using my retina and on the off nights I’m using my retinol because I just really always want that dose of vitamin A right now But I do not have the tolerance to use retin-a every night or even every other night right now Okay, after that is on what I’m doing and this is interesting I’m actually going in at this point with my sukiyaki tsukada urea moisture, essence I’m putting some of this in the palm of my hand. I’m patting it on to my skin not rubbing it I’m just patting it onto my skin and then I’m immediately going in with hydroquinone And in this case, I am using Obagi clear there are lots of different ways that you can get hydroquinone hydroquinone in clear is 4% and what it is is a tyrosinase inhibitor tyrosinase is the enzyme that is responsible for Pigment and a part of the process of pigment what this will do is it stopped September sanae’s in its tracks So that the cells that are being able to be pushed forward from your retina and your retinal and your normal skin processes are void of the excess pigment that you see all over my face, so Definitely for me every night is a hydroquinone. You can get this in 2 percent strength over-the-counter. You can also get it in forms that are Natural as in our butan you could use rather than using a hydroquinone or an our view and you could use kojic acid You can use licorice other ways that we can do that. I’m choosing hydroquinone That’s the step that I’m doing at that point. Now a lot of times you guys that’s it I don’t add anything else. I feel like the sukiyaki tsukada just gives me just enough moisture and I just want all those Treatments to just work on my skin and I go to bed So in the morning I wake up and what I do with my skin is I do wash again Now some people choose not to wash they like to just rinse their skin and that’s fine I really choose to wash because a I really like this product I like getting a little bit more lipo hydroxy acid on my skin I do use a really tiny amount in the morning, but I also really like to get the night off I like to get my vitamin A off. I just like to have a clean canvas to start So that’s the first thing that I do Next that I do is my acid step and this is so important guys right now I am using the lotion p50 1974 I logic rush shares. This is a grouping of alpha hydroxy acids. It has phenol in it You can use any acid step You want right now Neah a you can use lactic you can use glycolic so you don’t have to have this specific toner I really really like this one I mean I’m kind of upset but like I said, I’m gonna list other alpha-hydroxy acid options I like to do them in the morning right now only because I’m dedicated to my retinoids at night if I wasn’t doing retinoids I would be doing my acids at night I love doing the actives at night so that my skin has time overnight You know to work on itself and it also produces a little bit of oil and it’s kind of a buffer But because I’m going in with all the guns, I put my acids in the morning and that’s this right now Okay so I gave that a few minutes just to kind of do its thing and then what I am doing in the morning next step is I’m going back in with my sukiyaki Suhana and My hydroquinone same as I did at night I’m patting this in and I’m adding just a little bit of this and I’m putting it all over my face and down my neck I want a constant dose of hydroquinone or Arbutin or you know, whatever Tyrosinase inhibitor you are using whatever pigment inhibitor that will be again in the morning and you want to do that morning and night if you seriously want to You know get rid of that pigment. You really need to always be on guard Blocking it now depending on your skin and even depending on my skin some days I will then go in with a moisturizer in this video. I used hydrate. I don’t always use this one I have a bunch of moisturizers to choose from so I just pick a moisturizer. However, my skin is feeling that day Sometimes I will feel because the the p50 is very balancing It balances your pH and then the sukiyaki tsukada is very hydrating sometimes I don’t even feel like I need a moisturizer Especially because my sunscreen is a little bit hydrating But on other days like today I go ahead and I put my moisturizer on at this point Now the next step is my eye cream. And again, you can use any eye creams that you like I’m still using my Sunita’s. This is the vitae K. This is just a vitamin K based I cream and I like this vitamin K can help with leaky capillaries. It’s a coagulant and So I just appreciate a straight up vitamin K under my eyes because obviously I have crazy dark circles I’m following that up with one of two eye creams and the one I used today in the by ballet and it is a Urea eye cream. Now remember urea is a profound Humectant, and it really can hydrate and I think a lot of times what’s going on is that especially like around our eyes we see The crepey nuts and all that stuff and a lot of times it’s dehydration obviously There’s some laxity going on and that kind of thing as we age But sometimes we just need a little bit of moisture in there and urea is fantastic. Now, this one does say that it’s vegan so for those of you who are concerned with the Sourcing of the urea this company says that it is vegan. This is incredibly hydrating It’s a beautiful eye cream and I love it. Now. The other one that I do use often is my sukiyaki So hada urea eye cream. I love that one as well. It’s a huge tube and often. I will put it around my lips I will and anywhere that I have excessive dryness. I will add that eye cream. It’s beautiful Okay after that It’s the most important the very most important of all of this you guys and that is my sun protection right now I am still using my sarah fat skin aqua guys. This is 10 $11 $12. I love it I ordered on Amazon and it does take a few weeks to get here so literally I just Opened this – because I ran out of my last tube and I will place an order now and so that I always have this on hand the other one that I love is by Sun Project and in herb It is by Thank You farmer and it’s Sun project. And this is a shimmer Sun essence SPF 30 This one is just beautiful and I love to cocktail these two together because this Sun Project is a little bit More emollient and it’s just they’re really pretty together. This one is in SPF 50 I use it the entire time. I was in Columbia and it really helped I never got burnt my face never burned I was very careful, but you guys I was in a pool. I was definitely Enjoying my vacation. I was not hiding under an umbrella and I caked on the seraphic now I Added in the evenings and the afternoons when we were done with the pool and that kind of stuff I would put these together because I just think this is beautiful on the skin This one is a 50 Like I said, and this is a and I just want to reiterate also that when you are layering your sunscreens It isn’t like I have 50 and I have 30 and now I have an SPF 80 on my skin I have an SPF 50. It’s always going to default to whatever sunscreen you put on That is the highest and that’s the total and it’s going to last you a couple of hours and then it is either at least at a half life or you’re probably at no protection again or very little so what’s important about Sunscreen isn’t always the number. I do always look for 30 or higher. What’s really important you guys it’s reapplication I mean, that’s just the bottom line if you put this on in the morning at 8 a.m By 11:00 or 12:00 when you go to lunch You are not as protected as you were when you first put this on or the first hour so just really remember if you’re battling pigment sun protection is everything and Reapplication is imperative The other thing that I am doing is I’m going back in under my eyes with my color science three-in-one total eye It’s SPF 35 This one is fantastic for reapplying you can obviously see especially from that first clip and even with makeup on You can see that my undereyes Crazy hyperpigmentation. It is seems to be almost the worst place on my face and Some people get their melasma a little bit lower around their eyes Mine just happens to really fall in exactly where I also get a little bit blue as I age I really like this because again it’s just another layer of protection but has a little bit of a peachy pinky hue so it helps to offset any darkness and it’s Fantastic for reapplication. It’s very easy. Just to pop in your purse. It’s a great product I’ve had this for a really long time it goes a long time It’s expensive but it lasts a really long time because you don’t need a ton because it’s just around your eyes now I am also following up with Any other products that I can use that have sun protection and I have this in my Sephora haul But I’ve been doing this for years with various products and that is I carry a powder with me That is a mineral sunscreen. Now. This one is the one from super goop. It’s a recent of mine It’s an SPF 45. This is in the color medium I shared this in that hall and I’ll link that but I really like it because the brush comes off. It’s Magnetized so you can wash that brush which is nice. You can see how much product you have left but mostly I just like it because all day long I can reapply Definitely if I’m gonna leave the office around lunchtime This is going on first and you know, I’m just really diligent about that sun protection. It’s it’s paramount Especially if you’re susceptible to sun damage but also when you’re using all these actives your skin is going to be more susceptible to getting damaged if you aren’t properly protecting it so don’t embark on any kind of You know Treatment process if you’re not willing to really be diligent about your sun protection super important to apply sunscreen to the front and the back of your neck down your decollete and Reapply it just don’t forget about your neck. It’s so important the last thing I want to share with you It’s a couple things I do at least once a week and that is how I’m getting my vitamin C in it’s Difficult sometimes to fit everything in and in this protocol for me I don’t have a place for a dedicated vitamin C I just don’t I don’t feel like it fits in with the pH with the acids. It just doesn’t fit so what I’m doing is once a week, I am doing a mask and I’m choosing from a couple but this is one of them and this is the obagi professional C 30% Ella’s orbic acid this is amazing because it is actually a scrub in there and It’s a very very fine fine scrub. You massage it into damp skin and what it’s doing is prepping your skin for a flood of vitamin C that 30% L. Sorbic acid is almost unheard of and it kind of has an occlusive Texture to it So it’s just it’s active you can definitely feel how active this mask is I leave it on for maybe 10 minutes I rinse I usually have to use a warm washcloth with it to kind of get everything off I rinse some more my skin is visibly brighter I do that about 1 a week because that’s the only way I’m going to be able to fit in my vitamin C now another thing that I’m doing about once a week as well is I am still using my kakadu c wipes that are kind of a Peel now these are fast you guys so I’m doing this about once a week They say you can do it more than that and I just can’t with this routine. So once a week, these are spread apart I’m doing one of these this is getting me a great dose of vitamin C. But it also has some alpha hydroxy acids When I do These I’m still doing the rest of my routine the way that I’m making that work is I will do these early in the evening And then I just leave my skin alone for a couple hours I just really you know I’m not following it right up with the other the other things and it seems to be working just fine Okay, guys, that’s what I’m doing right now. I am gonna check back in in like a month I’ve got the idea what I want you to take away from this is I’m doing my vitamin A my retinoids at night and I’m doing my acids in the morning and I am doing a treatment once or twice a week with my vitamin C That’s how I’m making it all work in the description box I’m gonna give you just a framework where you can plug in The products that you own or that you want to try Into the right category so that you can kind of have an idea of how you do your week Monday through Sunday so I hope that this is helpful and Wish we look on the pigment journey I’ve been there before so I know I can recover but man I really did myself in on this trip I hope you guys are having a fantastic week. I hope that this was helpful and I will talk to you again very very soon


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