Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Looney Tunes Characters From Memory

hi I’m Brent hi I’m Jason and today we’re gonna be drawing Looney Tunes characters from memory our brain that’s a big universe I feel like the human characters are gonna be hard if there’s human characters Looney Tunes are hard yeah I don’t think I’ve ever drawn any leads since I probably through Bugs Bunny as a child oh boy well let’s get into it his name is Marvin the Martian Sammy Sam no oh no wait Oh turns have tabled so I have an advantage for one you’re gonna kill me today yes so he’s got massive cheeks big buck teeth and then the big eye okay wait a minute maybe I can draw him oh my god I’m great he’s adorable I love aliens I love that you could only really see his eyes his voice is fantastic his voice is the best so here’s the thing Jackie since you don’t know feel free to ask me questions and I will answer truthfully field a I’m gonna be nice to you Susie oh so many things so he’s the little cowboy with the big hat and the big mustache I have all these like big fake cloudy memories let me put it in your terms he has chibi construction big head small body he’s got more human construction than most cartoon characters like his head is not ginormous compared to the rest of his body his ears are like long yeah he’s got long ears does he have like a little like fuzzy thing on his butt got like a tail it’s funny how as soon as you start drawing this you’re like I’m gonna fail but then you start you’re like you know I can remember surprisingly well that is some people’s experience he has a big beard right so he has a big red mustache she’s mouth ever and his nose you do see his nose I think it’s just that separation of like the beard and the mustache creates his mouth I mean he’s a cowboy John’s a cowboy [Music] seriously I mean he has like a cowboy hat Tiffany wear like a little green skirt he wears a little spirit very Spartan yeah it’s very Spartan so he has a big hat bigger than his mustache yes it’s like a comically large hat this drawing is getting even more confusing than I started I don’t remember if he also has big bushy eyebrows too I’m gonna try the big eyebrows yeah if they work I’m just gonna do what you’re doing cuz I don’t like being left out I’m gonna now he looks mad so I think that you’re accurate coulisse of colors like he’s only like black green and red and wiry wears the red shoes and then right his helmets red it has red on it it’s like a Spartan helmet it’s got like if Kyra says that’s what’s happening in Marvin’s bod that’s what’s happening she has like attitude right oh yeah I don’t know if I’m getting the attitude right he’s always holding a carrot maybe it’s out of the side of his mouth hold anything in mine he’s holding on her to look like himself he’s usually holding two large guns oh I don’t know how to draw guns good for you thank you I’m gonna give him a cup a cup of coffee that’s why he’s so angry yeah he’s caffeinated all the time in his other hand it’s gonna hold a cat you said there was a red thing on here so I’m gonna put a red thing on here oh he put some hatred he feels like maybe he doesn’t sure do you remember him with a shirt like a little black body and then that green skirt does he have a shoulder heads I don’t remember shoulder pads yo he’s got gloves right he has definitely got gloves I don’t know if he has a crotch her knees but I gave him a crotch he has a white chest right I don’t think so I gave him a belt I’m pretty sure he has a belt like a big belt buckle does he wear a collared shirt well no yes he wears a vest oh he probably has those cowboy spinning Spurs first we have whiskers I think he does good I feel like those would be so annoying to draw if you’re animating them maybe he does well it looks weird I’m taking away his whiskers help me out with the colors I have no idea what it’s alright his moustache and beard is like a reddish brown his hat I want to say is a tan guys got that taste of hats I’m done there is Wow okay thanks Brent like doing a new looks funny if I don’t think this is any more accurate the inside of his ears are pink right of wanna see could really pull this one out Jason maybe you got this a night out I’m gonna make his belt gold cuz he’s a cowboy and was feeling that’s correct I don’t know what color to make it shirt neither do I I’m gonna go with like an orange okay then I’m gonna go with the opposite of that green green ooh that looks wrong that one goes very wrong I’m just gonna go with white now he looks like an office worker okay I used a white collar cowboy yeah I just realize I didn’t give him arms there we go now he’s gone and then he’s got a little sneaker shoes I think this is as good as it’s gonna get I think I did okay I think I got the spirit of him I think a lot of the details I got wrong you know what they say wrong and strong strong and wrong oh okay yeah yeah I feel like you should have made the mustache bigger I feel like my mustache your mustache is very large I think we’re right that he didn’t have a shirt I think that’s accurate I love this rabbit on the right he is the man [Music] you got his skirt more accurate than I did oh you got hit his arm his hands right completely oh you are really close I remembered his beard be I mean his moustache being way bigger and his mouth floats in his mustache yeah that’s weird yeah whatever I just didn’t draw the carrot practicing this one I just feel so good I his feet are iconic to me we both were on the same wavelength of like the brush thing on his head but we weren’t quite it was literally a brush and all that talk we had about him not having a shirt look at him he’s in a well I think you did an amazing job didn’t you I think you do the others yours is ridiculously huge well you know what you win some you lose some you know and as you taught me before sometimes it be like that [Music]


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