Ally First Steps Guide – Feedback and guidance for instructors in Canvas

Lets look at feedback and guidance for instructors in Ally First we want to look for a file score indicator When you upload a file to your course, Ally checks and scores each one then indicates how accessible the file is. Find and select this “dial” indicator to see what Ally has found to be the issue with the associated percentile score. Then, learn about the issue and how to fix it Ally provides consistent information in what the issue is, what it means to fix it and how to address each accessibility issue. All guidance information and actions (like “upload new file”) is presented in the same view or interface. Lastly, update the file and improve the score Once you’ve looked through Ally’s simple stepped guidance on how to fix the issue, go ahead and upload a new file or action the associated fix. In doing so, Ally will show a higher score and/or other ways to further improve the file. For more information about Ally Please visit or join the user group at

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