Add Buttons to Canvas Course Homepage

Starting with a blank page in Canvas, select the Edit button. To add a banner at the top of the page, you can just add in the image without adding a table or any other formatting. Click Images in the menu on the right>Upload a new image>choose file>locate the course banner. In the Alternative Text box, type the text
that appears on the banner>then hit Upload. The banner will appear at the top of the page. To center it, select the image
and then click the center alignment button in the text editor menu. To add smaller buttons and ensure equal spacing
and alignment, you can use tables. Let’s add some small buttons underneath
the banner for quick access to the syllabus, schedule, and instructor information for the
course. Go to the table button in the text editor
menu and select the appropriate number of cells. I’ll choose three. When you add the table, Canvas automatically
sets it to take up the width of the screen. This will result in any buttons you add being
spaced evenly across a student’s monitor. If you don’t want this, click inside the
table and go back to the table icon in the text editor menu and select Table Properties. Delete the 100% so that box is blank. You can also remove the table border here
by deleting the “1” and change the alignment from None to Center. Now you’ll see this dashed line placeholder
table in the center of the screen. It’s ready for your buttons! Click in the first cell of the table, then
in the right hand menu, select images, Upload a new image. Search for your first button, select it, type
the alternative text, and then upload. Repeat those steps for each of the buttons
you need to add. If your buttons come in too large, you can
resize them by clicking the image until it lights up blue, then selecting the image button
from the text editor menu. Change the dimensions in the Dimensions block. Canvas will automatically maintain the ratio
of the image, so you’ll only need to change one of those numbers. 200 is a good size for Weekly/module menu
buttons. Repeat the steps to add the remaining buttons. As long as all of your buttons are the same
size, the images will be evenly spaced on the screen. If any buttons are smaller or larger than
the others, all of the table cells will be sized for the largest image. If you need to add columns or rows, click
anywhere in the table and use the table tools to add them.

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