Acrylic Wash and Stain Painting on Raw Canvas

[music] [Working with Acrylic Flow Release On Raw
Canvas] GOLDEN Acrylic Flow Release, or “AFR” is a surfactant designed to reduce surface
tension in acrylic paint mixtures. It is especially valuable when making stain
paintings. Raw canvas is commonly sized. As we watch droplets of water roll around
the canvas we can easily see the impact of water’s
inherent surface tension. This close-up shows what happens when a small
amount of acrylic flow release is added to the water. The surfactant immediately breaks the tension,
allowing the water to readily absorb into the canvas. GOLDEN acrylics contain a small amount of
surfactant. So, as we brush apply this Fluid Anthraquinone
Blue on to the canvas it soaks in pretty easily. But what if we want to dilute the paint with
water to create a stain? As water is added to the same paint, the surfactant level is reduced and it will
no longer absorb into the canvas. Just as with the plain water, it only requires a little Acrylic Flow Release
to reduce the surface tension. It is important to note that is a concentrated
additive, and over-adding Acrylic Flow Release can result
in a tacky, sticky, paint film, so add cautiously. Watch how easily that same washy paint mixture
flows into the canvas. The ideal way to work with Acrylic Flow Release is to dilute it with water before you begin
painting. We start with some distilled water in a quart
container. Using a studio-only measuring spoon, we add one teaspoon [5 ml] of Acrylic Flow
Release and stir. We now test the surface tension on the same
raw canvas we plan to paint on, this way you’ll always have just enough
Acrylic Flow Release in the mix to do the job, and it eliminates the hassle of having to
adjust during painting. When the water readily absorbs as it is applied, we label the container and we’re ready to
paint. This mixture can be used to wet the canvas
we as adding it directly to the paint as needed. And now we can just paint… tension free.


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