Acrylic Painting Lesson – How to Paint Tree Leaves by JMLisondra

Hello guys, have a nice day. This is me again, John Magne Lisondra And today I’m going to demonstrate on how to paint a tree leaves Tree leaves is one of the most tricky part in painting landscapes I say, it is tricky because You need more experience and and more practice on handling the brush to create such effect or texture And today, I will show you on how to do that using acrylic So, First of all, I am going to introduce to you my materials I have here my paint pallet So I have the titanium white the phthalo blue the medium yellow, the brilliant red and lamp black and the burnt sienna I’m using now the reeves acrylic paint So To add more paint here okay and burnt sienna just a small amount and I am using the these 2 types of brushes I have here Round pointed brush, number 0 this one for the details for the branches of the tree And number 7 flat brush So, I am using a new brush Because I want to show you that you can use new brush for the tree leaves So, number 7 flat brush And I am using water as a medium a cup of water So, the water will thin the paint So that it’s not hard to apply it again on the canvas Okay, let’s start with the with the tree with the tree branches and trunks So I am using the the lamp black and burnt sienna So, I’m going to Sketch for the Branches Using the number 0, round brush so if the paint is really hard I’m going to dip it in the water Just little amount of water Enough to make it wet and flowy Okay pointed brush will create very small small line paint which is for the for the branches Okay So, I am going to use the number 7, flat brush for the leaves And I will dip it in the water to make it a little wet Okay, Clean it with drops And I am going to use the blue to yellow and the red So, it is now dark green Remember guys to to start the tree leaves with the dark color or dark green this serves as the background okay So, it is now dark green So, I am using the new number 7 flat brush I think, it is hard so I am going to dip it into the water to make it a little wet and flowy So, Just carefully apply the paint or the brush So, just observe what I’m doing here guys I carefully and quickly make the effect or the texture from one point I don’t know what to call this, the dotted light strokes So, start with the dark color first Also remember that


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