Acrylic & Oil Painting Tips : Painting on Canvas

In this segment I’ll talk about painting on
canvas. It’s really not that difficult because anybody can do a painting. But what you’ll
notice is when you paint on canvas, if the canvas is not tight, that it almost feels
like a drum, the possibility is that the canvas will sag and it will become more difficult.
To paint on canvas basically, you have to prime the entire canvas with one color and
that’s called the grounding. Grounding is very important because if you paint on white,
you’ve got a situation where you’ve got to really cover that canvas, every inch of it
with a color. Many artists, for example, like Peter Paul Rubens, did a ground, a color that
was homogenous all over the canvas in stripes to create this effect of movement. So you
can use a canvas. Use your own ground, whether it be gray, yellow, and then begin painting
and enjoy.

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