Abstraktes Bild, Spachtel Technik, Struktur, für Anfänger, modern

Abstract art on textured background On the canvas is a structure of sand and acrylic paint How does that work, in another video on this channel The canvas is now textured and dry The first color is green. The color becomes more transparent and therefore lighter. Spread the paint with the dry brush Another green tone is added. He is dark. I mixed my green darker with blue and black The color is not mixed well. I have several colors in one. So sometimes I can apply light green times dark green. Dab off transitions with a dry cloth. again with the dry brush Transitions become softer Apply cyan with the spatula. This is followed by further layers. Experiment here I like the cyan. I love that contrast. Overcome the moment to want to stop. because you will have that moment more often, in this picture Dab again with the cloth You can spread the paint with the spatula. If this is not enough, add the brush. Again, you can try it. The picture becomes interesting, what comes on it and what remains visible There are now all the colors on the canvas. I can now emphasize the colors and bring them to the surface. on this way, you can always connect to the ground. ” The paint knife is very good here, because I can handle the color specifically. Even with the edge, I can spread the color well With the edge you can take out well lines, the lines are the underground, which you can later bring back to the surface. Use the line to break through the surface. Take the oil pastels and just write a sentence over the surface. I did not write anything here. Just a few wings up and down With a wet cloth, some paint in it, I blurred the line. And dab again on the color Here it is important that your paint is dry in the ground. In this way, you can work longer on the surface and experiment more The colors are different from each other. The solid color does not flow as fast as the liquid. So you can influence how the color connects In the end, you bring the altitude up to hear it again. Let it stand strong. Here you can see the structures and colors in detail. It’s not easy to paint it exactly like that. Just let yourself go and experiment. Dare to throw paint on it and continue working. sorry for my bad English. I hope it was understandable. Thanks for watching, thank you so much for your Like!! for your subscription !!!and thank you for your comment


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