Abstrakte Malerei, Acryl, für Anfänger, Spachtel, Bunt, Landschaft

carry several colors on the canvas Orange pink white and mix on the canvas. i mixI mix on the canvas The color is difficult to pass. I had the idea to paint the picture with the cake server. Like the other landscape paintings in this channel. I have to reject the idea because the primer on the canvas sucks too much. With the pastel chalk, I draw a horizontal and a vertical line. These divide the area in the golden section. Two thirds to one third. First layer I take a white color Add blue The color is difficult to paint over. I continue to paint with the brush I spray water then the color can happen better. The surface is dry. I draw the golden lines with blue That looks like a horizon. and sky As with the other pictures with the cake server Now work here on a dry surface. If you have an idea of ​​a landscape that helps you in the implementation I stick to the brush I continue to spray water on it so that the paint does not dry out and I can continue to work slowly. The color I take here, I distribute below I connect the two surfaces together. I hand over the still wet paint with the dry bristle brush. You know that from the other videos especially with the sky I remove the paint with the cloth I really like it I could continue to paint in these colors but I have the plan, which should be very colorful. But I want to become more abstract. What does that look nice This light blue on it is fantastic. So you could also paint a landscape The color dries up dark I have to work easier. I have to color white to cover it, even if it is transparent. I’m starting to be in the shade now. I stick to a landscape. So you will notice the setting of the color right there. I see the picture and think that I can put the green there but I already have the color there. I will try the knife. With the paint knife, I can mix on the canvas. Then I distribute the color elsewhere. I continue to paint the color with the knife. I also use another Spatula So I can apply on the canvas and mix. I take the dry brush and paint the color I want. I still want to have soft transitions. The sky can be even stronger take the color again. Ich sprühe Wasser darüber und lasse die Farbe laufen Here the colors partly agree and they are also different. If I mix the purple with the blue, as you see it the purple will emerge from the blue i mix color into color. I mixed the paint with the brushstroke and used it to apply You know that from the sea pictures, because I often use it for the beach for the water. I am always more colored I am always more colorful When I apply the paint now, the paint is like a blob on the surface. I do not want that. Therefore, I take a cloth and cover for the approach again. Then he also shows the color and integrates better Here you see my studio The table is still very wet I just took paper back and mixed the paint on it. I go to the picture and you will see how the color is still running That does not matter, that fits the picture. so you can paint it It is only November and in Germany very gray. Since I have gladly accepted the proposal of my time students and designed a colorful picture. I hope you liked the video I’m happy about a Like and about your comment. please subscribe to this channel thank you very much!!! colorful greetings, Petra


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