Abstrakte Malerei, Acryl, easy, simples Werkzeug, für Anfänger, Squeegee

I got a card on the
stand: Life is as colorful as you paint it. black and white is easy,
is fun and you do not do anything wrong. but to paint is colorful
often a challenge, so that it does not turn brown afterwards
or the colors are not just put together. but also one above the other
without shades to get I do not want to have. and this
picture has just emerged from it, out this topic and yes then I’ll show you
how I did it: Now I have the big screen here
and take white on it and here I have black, pigments mixed, relative
liquid and give it to and with mine window wiper, squeegee, I can now
develop structures. the color slides so nicely over the
surface because the black very much is liquid. that runs
good over the screen and so that I can draw the paint well and wipe.
if I have now taken finished acrylic paint I would not have been able to move it on the surface. The white is finished acrylic paint and can be different raise as my mixed
color and yes if you have finished color works, makes the screen quiet
really wet, then you can better pull over the canvas,
however, the other structure I’m getting darker and darker now
inspire me again and again, from what I’m watching now, so me
I do not have a template or something but with this technology you can make yourself, wonderfully easy
take on the colors. just work very slowly yes the area is quite colorful here
and here I need still a nice contrast
, add black if you paint with your theme, just now
you can do it for a topic just in words in your picture
in the abstract, it works just fine, if the color is still wet,
just take your brush stalk and write the words in the wet color. Now I have taken the picture
already applied and now give a pink one. this is not normal
pink, that is with neon pigments mixed. it is right that bangs;) and cadmium orange is also a big one
favorite of mine, I also like the hue he often does not even cover that so I gambled him too liquid,
to make him feel better, with the neon orange mixes. in that the color in the underground
dry, you can wet wipe paint off again.
So if it is not possible, then give it Add water and dissolve it again the blue on it looks very cool
out. that shines very nicely. I hope it dries off too. here is just a place, there
I would like to have soft transitions. I know, if it’s too thin, then I’ll see the underground, I want that, but I do
also wants a nice, clear blue. So I’ll just have to go again Add a little bit of blue to it
also remains opaque. Now I want more yellow too
have the surface and look now, that everything in the blue now
I can not do anything anymore this will turn green but i work down here and push the colors always over it and yes, then it is
the last shade. that is, I think, also ready soon. Anyway, yours will be colorful
Workplace. you should open it up prepare each case. This is
the card, is always nice with the claims. that is often the case
not as easy as you have seen. black and white is synonymous and sees
beautiful and gray is also great i like many grays but colorful is just
but something completely different. yes I hope you liked the video
and you could do something for you again take it with you.
Thank you for watching and also for Thank you, for your like ! and for yours
Comment, I am very happy about it! thank you and goodbye until next time, Petra

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