A Guide to 2D Selection and Cropping in Paint 3D

Regardless of which tab you are in, this toolbar
contains global tools that are always available,
and this is where you will find the Select and
Crop tools. To select 2D content, press the Select button and
drag a selection box across the desired part of
the canvas. This will automatically reveal the 2D selection
side panel as well as adding some handles around
your selection. Drag the handles to resize and hold shift for
uniform scaling. At the top is the rotation handle, use this to
spin your selection and hold shift to snap to
increments. You will find several additional edit tools in
the side panel, including Rotate and Flip. As
well as Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete. You can of course drag the content around to
reposition it. This will reveal the canvas below. When you are happy with your changes, simply
click off the selection to implement it. Remember, this is not a separate layer, so once
implemented the content cannot be reselected. To turn the selection into a reselectable layer –
click the Make 3D button. This puts the content into 3D space separate from
the canvas. This means that it can be reselected
to be re-edited or removed. Pressing the Crop button will reveal handles that
can be moved to adjust the crop size. The side panel previews the dimensions of the
current crop selection and below that are buttons
to accept or cancel the crop. If you have already made a 2D selection you can
press Crop to instantly crop the canvas to the
current selection. Other buttons you will see in the side panel are
Select All which selects the entire canvas. And Magic Select which intelligently selects
content from your image. Check out the Magic Select video for more details
on this tool.


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