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– Hey. Hey, guys. Are you done cleaning
out that room already? Of course we are.
What’s it look like? What are you out here doing?
Just playing basketball? I had to see what
these boys’ skills were. So, they’re pretty awesome. All right. Come over here for a second. So let’s talk paint. Do we have our
paint colors chosen? OK, here’s the truth. I have two colors. I love them both, but I
can’t make up my mind. If I show you guys,
does everybody want to decide what color?
– Well– – Yeah!
– Wait, wait, wait. I have an idea. You ready to hear
my idea, how we’re going to get this settled?
– Yeah. All right. So we’re going to
play a game of HORSE, except it’s going to be
HMS, and the winner will get to pick the paint color. Sound good? You’re going to
turn into dust. This is going to be you. You’re in this hand. Burn! [LAUGHING] Well, I hope you’re
on my team, then. OK. Me and you. I like that confidence. You ready to do this?
– Yeah. I think that’s a great idea. Hey, Layla, think quick. All right. I guess we’re ready to play HMS. You guys ready? I like your jerseys. Thanks. All right. Let’s go. OK, guys. Fair game, you ready. Yep. Yes, ma’am. [WHISTLE BLOWS] All right, come
on, Team Kelly. All right! Oh, you get a letter. Team Laila has an H. All right. Ready? Woohoo. Athlete, you know. I like that little move. That’s helping. Ah! Maybe not. Maybe not. Both teams tied with Hes. Team Kelly, M. Woo! This is the last
shot, you guys. The pressure! We win! You get to pick the color. You get to pick the paint color. OK, you guys. You both were amazing,
but Team Laila won, which means, Dillon, you get
to pick your paint color, OK? This is paint color
number one, and this is paint color number two. Which one do you think Yaya
is going to love the most? – I like this one.
– You like this one? – What do you guys think?
– I like it. I like it, too. All right. Good job, buddy. Awesome teamwork, you guys. Next time we see
that room, is going to be painted the new color. Sound good.
– Yeah! All right. Let’s go.


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