A cake ruined my life ? Draw My Life | My Life Sucks

My name is Sara and I’m 14 years old. I’m clumsy and I’ve always known it. It wasn’t a major problem until recently,
but the truth is that made me lose the guy I like. I’m a pretty shy girl, it’s hard for me to
make friends and especially to trust people other than my parents or my siblings. I sit in the back row in class, my classmates
are very fond of me but they already know that I need some space. This year a new student joined our class. The first day he entered completely lost,
he was looking for the classroom and he thought he had made a mistake. He looked at me and said, “Hi, I’m Cedric,
is this the third grade class?” At that moment I wanted to die, he was talking
to me! I bowed my head and when I wanted to stand
up I dropped all my papers on the ground. While he was helping me to pick them up, I
replied hesitantly: “It’s here”. My cheeks almost exploded, so embarrassing. I haven’t stopped thinking about him since
that day. He didn’t know anything about me, so unlike
the rest, from day one he tried to talk to me and was super nice. He slowly managed to make me talk to him more. One day he was very happy, I spent the 5 hours
of class wondering what happened to him to be so happy. I couldn’t help it, and asked him, “Did
something happen? He, smiling as always, said to me: “I’m having
my birthday party and I’m really very excited. I was stunned, I couldn’t help but think that
I had to attend that party.” At the end of the day Cedric distributed the
invitations to all the guests, and I was among them. It was the happiest day of my life. I ran home and when I entered I didn’t say
“Hello” to my parents. I directly asked them if I could go to the
party. They said it was okay. Now, what was I going to give him? My mother, seeing me worried, told me that
she would buy the gift, and I forgot about that problem. Three days before the party I tried on all
the clothes I had in the wardrobe, I didn’t like anything but in the end I decided and
chose some ripped jeans and a sweatshirt from my favorite group. The birthday was on Saturday at six o’clock,
I was ready by four so I decided to go for a walk. I arrived at his birthday and, nervously sweating,
I pressed the doorbell. On the other side his parents opened the door
for me. I walked in and saw him in the distance. Cedric arrived with a soda for me, my luck
is so bad that when I grabbed it I splashed the liquid all over the carpet. It was beige and seemed expensive. Once again my clumsiness! I apologized and his parents understood, the
party continued. It was time for the cake, his father had prepared
a delicious cheesecake. At that moment I thought I had to fix my earlier
clumsiness with something funny. So, out of the blue, I did the first thing
that crossed my mind: I struck the cake in his face as everyone sang happy birthday. Everyone were speechless and I realized that
I messed up the whole thing. Cedric cleaned himself, and to forget the
incident everyone started to give out their presents. It was my turn, and as soon as he opened it
I saw on his face that the worst was yet to come. My mother had bought some SpongeBob underpants! Everyone laughed a lot, everyone but him,
he told me I had ruined his party. My clumsiness made me lose him. My life sucks. Does your life suck as well and you wanna
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