A Black Lady Sketch Show | Meet Robin Thede and the Core Cast | HBO

I think the best thing
aboutA Black Lady Sketch Showand what makes it so different from other sketch shows
out there is not only
that it’s black ladies, right. But we get to create
this universe that’s specifically cast,
but universally funny. ♪ (HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ Uh, never have I ever done
a walk of shame. You’ve never done
a walk of shame? I wasn’t ashamed. Okay? The show goes from one end
of the galaxy to the other, and I think that’s so cool. My favorite type of sketches
growing up were the weird ones. It’s so cool because people
are gonna have their assumptions about like what black ladies do, and how black ladies
can be funny. There’s a difference
in the expectation of what we’re gonna bring
to the table. We’re gonna flip that bad boy
on its head because when people watch this,
they’ll be like… (GASPS) WOMAN: And just to be clear, we’re not calling it
“maternity leave” anymore because we don’t want
to be complicit in enforcing a cis-normative agenda. In every sketch, there’s like
the plot of the sketch that you would expect to see
in a sketch show, but then there are so many jokes
layered in that you may not even catch till the second or third time
you watch it. It’s a narrative sketch show
also, right. We tell stories.
We have recurring characters. -There’s beginnings, middles,
and ends.
-Yeah. -There’s cliffhangers.
There’s thrillers.
-QUINTA BRUNSON: Right. ROBIN THEDE: There’s suspense.
There’s horror.
-There’s musicals.
-The show is so cinematic. -THEDE: Yes!
-It– it goes in
so many different directions, and it’s shot so well. And I think
that compliments sketch. THEDE:The material that ties
all the sketches together
is a show, like you were saying,
in and of itself. And that’s
a really fun story line that I do not think
people are ready for. People are gonna have
conspiracy theories. -Oh, yes!
-(LAUGHING) My job is not to supply
the conspiracy theory. It’s to be patient enough to let
the conspiracy theory supply me. Yes, honey, this show
is giving you everything. It’s giving you drama.
It’s giving you conspiracy. It’s giving you laughs.
More laughs. Hair. Makeup. Legs. -Everything.
-ASHLEY NICOLE BLACK: It’s true. You’re gonna get it
onA Black Lady Sketch Show.The show has range. -The show goes everywhere.
-That should be our tagline.-A Black Lady Sketch Show…
-ALL: We have the range. ♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES) ♪

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