7 THINGS TO DRAW WHEN YOU’RE BORED! // How to Fill Your Sketchbook

Hey guys! Today I’m gonna be showing you
seven different drawings that you can make when you’re bored! Weird video, I
know right?! So before you go ragging on me for making a video of drawings you
can make when you’re bored, I just wanted to let you know that this has been one
of my most requested videos. So a lot of you fishes in the sea must be wanting
this! Alrighty, these are going to be fairly simple
drawings, so no matter where you are on your artistic journey, you can do these!
The first one is to Google optical illusions, and try to draw one. I think
this is a really good exercise to study perspective, because first of all, just
looking at them and understanding them is one thing… but trying to replicate it
and drawing it is a very challenging thing for both your mind and for
hand-eye coordination! Just studying shadows.. and kind of going against your
intuition, because this really tripped me up for a little bit. But man,
it was like a really good drawing exercise so I definitely recommend
looking up optical illusions and trying to draw them! This one is just a
square bent in a bunch of different ways… but what way is coming at you and what
way is going away?! YO! What what what?! Yeah, it gets crazy, and
believe it or not… this was one of the simpler optical illusions! They get
really hard. There’s a lot of really detailed ones, but I just wanted to keep
it simple because… you know… you’re bored right?! You don’t want to spend too much
time. Alright, if you want to feel really, really good about yourself… I’m gonna let
you in a little secret: say you’re craving a food like me… if you know me, I
really love food. I love eating. I love munching on stuff. Oreos are
absolute weakness… but say you’re craving of food and it’s like 3:00 in the
morning… or you just ate… you know you shouldn’t
eat… just draw the food you’re craving! Yeah, crazy right?! You can draw your food
instead of eating it, and you might feel great about yourself because it’s pretty
much a challenge! IF, by the end of the drawing, you still have not caved and
eaten that food… boom! COOM! It’s like a double victory, because first of all… you
finished the drawing! Second of all… you did not give in to temptation! Girl!
You did not eat that piece of toast! And let me tell you what… it was 3:00 in the
morning, and I painted this piece of toast, and I did not give in! And if you even
want to know why I was up until 3:00 a.m. – I found a cool show on Netflix, so
you know… had to binge! But you could also look at this differently, and this could
be torture. For instance, had I painted a doughnut that would be torture because I
would be staring at something far more delicious looking. And yeah… I would
probably give in… and maybe want to go drive to Dunkin Donuts really late at
night and get me a doughnut with sprinkles!
Oh oh my goodness! That’s the question of the day! What is your favorite kind of
doughnut?! Do you like the cream-filled kinds, or do they make you feel like
you’re suffocating? Because I really can’t do the cream in the middle… but I
know a lot of people love those! Raise your hand… who here still loves
sprinkles on their doughnuts?! Yeah, let me know! Ooh, or if you go to an ice cream
shop… do you still request sprinkles?! I’m 26 and I still do! Is that acceptable?
Socially acceptable? Anyway, this is my piece of toast! And if you do not know
what to draw, and you feel a little stumped, I strongly suggest drawing
different foods that you either like a lot, or that you’re craving! Or you could
draw food you hate and not give in to temptation! Winner! When I’m bored,
sometimes I like to pick a facial feature and draw it over and over again,
but in different ways. That way I learn to have variation with my portraits. So
right now, I am picking eyebrows and I’m just drawing super arched eyebrows,
straight eyebrows, curved eyebrows, soft arches, super tweezed eyebrows… all sorts
of different brows! That helps me to not draw the same face all the time. I
have a fear of same face syndrome with drawing, so I really like to do stuff
like this. Especially with mouths and noses. That’s super helpful for me,
because I find that it is super easy to stick to the same mouth and nose since
those two facial features are the most intimidating to me, so I gravitate toward
what is more comfortable. But eyebrows are also the comfort draw kind of thing
for me, so that is why I chose the brows for this drawing! After that, I
decided to label each type, which you will see in a second. So tell me which
facial feature do you struggle with the most!
For me, it is lips and noses, as I said. But if you struggle with anything, I
suggest doing this! It is really helpful, guys. Seriously! Oh no! Oh no! This video
just got wild! This got intimidating! She busted out a ruler! I don’t do that when
I’m bored! No, no, no! All right, I’m joking! You do not have to use a ruler for this,
but you can see that I used a roll of washi tape to trace a bunch of circles
in a straight line! What am I doing?! I’m drawing the phases of the Moon!
I am super intrigued by the moon lately, and I actually had never memorized the
phases of the Moon… so I decided to do this exercise when I was bored! It
was really fun, because I think it helped me appreciate the moon more, and the
different phases… but I also had to learn all the names,
and I pulled up a web page and I got to learn some stuff… and it was just really
fun all around! I think recording my observations in my sketchbook just helps
make that experience a little more special, because I can look back on this
and remember the night of fun I had when I drew a bunch of stuff while being
bored! And I learned about the moon! So yeah, if you’re into the moon and you
just like outer space… I would suggest doing this! It’s really
easy! You don’t have to put a lot of detail into it.
So if you are a beginner, or if you’re more advanced… this is a really simple
exercise! And if you worry about being able to draw a perfect circle, you can
trace the cap on a water bottle, a quarter, or any sort of round object in your
house will work! It makes it ten times easier! I put all the names
below, and voila! We have the moon phases! The fifth thing you can do when
you are bored is probably one of my favorites! I like to do this when I’m
winding down after a long day, because it’s super stress relieving. You
literally just move your hands all around the page and do these curly Q
squiggly kind of scribbles. I know this probably seems really stupid… like
why would you waste a page doing THAT?! But sometimes when you’re stressed, you
kind of just want a way to cope with it. Or when you’re bored, you just kind of
want to move around so you don’t get tired and then fall asleep and waste
your time… So what you do is… it’s kind of like a cool game, actually. You just keep
doing these scribbles, and filling in the blank-ish areas until everything gets
more and more detailed with all your little scribbles. There’s tons and tons
of loops and curly Q’s. You can even use more than one color if you want to! I
personally like the contrast between the page and
one color, but every now and then I do spice it up! I’m just using this pink
gel pen… adding all these scribbles… and by the end, I kid you not, I feel ten
times bette all the time! It is a wonderful exercise! So if you don’t know
what to draw, or you just want to fill a page in your sketchbook… add some color to it! Maybe you’re bored, you’re tired, you’re
waiting on your doctor’s appointment at the doctor’s office… do one of these! It’s
really nice, and it’s always great for anxiety. Sometimes you can even challenge
yourself to not lift your hand during the entire thing! But that can get crazy,
because this took me like 40 minutes (LOL). Anyway, this is what it looks like up
close! Let me know if you’ve ever done this before, or if you plan to try
it! This is seriously one of my favorite exercises! The sixth thing you can do
when you are bored is to practice hand- lettering. Hand-lettering is super trend
these days. A lot of people do it. Especially if you do bullet
journaling, or you make home decor stuff and you want to hang it on your walls!
They make great gifts too! For me, I feel like it’s more pertinent to my sketchbook. So
what I like to do is choose a motivational quote that I really like, or
just a funny saying… something! And I practice my hand lettering… I have
probably said this a couple other videos, but I like to make fonts. I’m not like
amazing at it or anything, but I have a couple on the interwebs that I have sold
before, so that’s kind of fun and cool! So I like to make sure I practice hand
lettering from time to time, even though I design most of mine digitally. Anyway, the quote that I chose says, “being a kind is cool,” because on my
channel, and just in life in general I am very anti-bullying. I want to make
sure that every human in this world feels loved, and I
just want to encourage kindness toward everybody. So yeah, I wrote this in my
sketchbook because I saw this quote recently, and I really really loved it!
Now I’m just adding fun little details with some marker. This is really
nice, because it’s not incredibly time- consuming, and you can add as much or as
little detail as you want! You can add some flourishes and color at the end… it’s all
up to you, really! The seventh and final drawing idea that
you can do when you’re bored is to take some characters that you really like
from a movie, a book.. whatever you want… and cartoonify it/them! Unless it’s from a
cartoon movie or an animated movie… then you can just change the style to
whatever you want! But the point of this exercise is to play with styles! So what
I did is I took Harry, Ron, and Hermione from Harry Potter, of course! My babies.
They’re little first years right now (in my drawing), and I cartoonified them. I made them
really short and stumpy with giant eyes, and really cute little squished faces!
I thought this was so fun to play with style. I pretty much only did
outlines, because I wanted to keep it simple. I mean, you can color stuff in
if you want, but you don’t really have to! Because, again, you’re bored… these are
kind of more on the end of “doodles.” You’re not supposed to take ~tons~ of time…
so yeah, I decided to omit coloring in the robes and stuff, because I didn’t
want them to completely blend together. I had fun cartoonifying these
characters. The cool thing about that and messing with style is you can kind
of temporarily throw Anatomy out the window, and just see what you make!
You don’t even need a reference! That’s another way to challenge
yourself with this, by the way! Take away your references and WHEW! Things get
crazy! Anyway I really enjoyed this exercise, and I think about once a year
I draw Harry, Ron, and Hermione together. It’s become a tradition for me. I don’t
know why… and it’s always some sort of cartoon, haha. Anyway, I hope you liked these
suggestions! Let me know if you plan on trying any below! Or if you’ve already
done some of these let me know! Alrighty, I will see you guys in another video! Thanks
so much for watching, and have a wonderful day! Bye everybody!


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