6 Pro Artists Sketch From Imagination

All right, so I’m filming a video where I’m
going up to artists and asking them to draw art related superheroes. You just come up with any art term and just…a
little sketch. Like “Core Shadow”, “Darth Shader”, “The Smudge”,
“Sir Realism”, “Free Lancer”. “Vin Easel”, that’s a good one. Yeah, I like “Vin Easel”. “Carica-torture”. We’re getting crazy here. “Nicollage Cage”. My favorite is “The CriTiki”. It’s not even like a person, like a totem. Right, yeah! Like something really funny and stupid. “Four Shadow” would be hilarious. He’s always got four shadows. That’s the best one I’ve heard so far. Just a quick sketch, like 10 minutes or whatever. “The Burn”! “The Burn”? What does that even mean for art? Photoshop burn… Oh, Photoshop. Oh yeah, you’re a digital artist. You’ve got to do a digital word. No, you gotta do “Color Dodge”. You have to do “Color Dodge”. Exactly. Yeah, and I’m gonna do the “Color Dodge Man”. No, yeah. Or a woman. “Color Dodge” could be a woman. Yes, it could indeed be a woman. Of course they’d be a woman. It is. Because you have a daughter. What? Because you have a daughter, so you have to
be biased. I have a son. Oh, you have a son? Fail. Sorry. I’m like… so many babies these days! It’s Color Dodge time! So yeah, you can scroll through if you want… “Pigment Pig”, what is that? Let me do “Pigment Pig”. Okay, Pigment Pig. Um, how do I draw a pig? Let me think for a second. Okay, I think got it. Feel free to work the way you would work though. So if you need to think for a little, don’t
worry about it. He’s kind of a villain, I guess. Is that a paintball gun? Kind of, but maybe a little more menacing. So like, yeah, he’d probably actually kill
you with it. It’s looking really cool. His issue is there’s always…leaves a trail
of paint, so he’s pretty easy to find. He’s always dripping. Or he’s just… he’s a sloppy pig. Like all pigs. True! Yeah, if he was clean, that would just be
out of character. Yeah. I thought you would have picked “The Smudge”,
because you use the blender tool. But it’s like, I don’t know what to do with
“Smudge”. Yeah. I don’t know how you are, but sometimes I
have to kind of almost have a snapshot in my head to go super quick. Otherwise I have to really take my time and
research and plan it. And this one, when you said “Pigment Pig”,
like literally this was like “doop”. And it was like, “okay, I can do that pretty quickly.” “Pigment Pig”. Nice! Oh, that’s his logo. He even has a logo. That’s great! Thank you! Love it. That’s fun. Great, thank you so much. That was awesome. “Crosshatch” kind of sounds interesting. So at the very top. When you said that one, that instantly popped
into my head. Awesome. That image. “Crosshatch”. Perfect Round one! Fight! “Crosshatch”. You win! Awesome, thank you. Of course! So that’s why I’m trying to think of something
good that works. “Killer Crayon”, no? No, that’s not- “The Form Phantom”. “The Form Phantom”? “The Form Phantom”. I don’t know what I was gonna add. Okay, “Form Phantom”. That’s pretty cool. Yeah, “Form Phantom”. I like that better than the crayon. When we were throwing out ideas at the office,
we started with some really lame ones. I want to do a villain. That’s why. I want to do an epic villain, ala “The Phantom”,
the old 1950s comic phantom. I think it was 50s, yeah, 60s, 50s. “Form Phantom”. Yeah. Does he transform into stuff? Or… Because it’s his form. Yeah, he…his power is form. His power is form. So he can go flat or he could be volumetric and coming at you. It’s all within his power. There you go. Coming up with this on the fly but it’s fun. But of course. Hi, I’m Modern Day James! I’m… I’m not recording. I love doing that to people! GO! But I’m actually… you don’t have to talk. Oh, okay, good, good, good. I’m pretty camera shy to be honest. Me too. Is this the, the cross arm technique? Yeah. This is the cross arm technique for when you
decide you need to be ambidextrous. So what kind of power does Atelier
have? He has the power to smash the artistic ability
out of young artists. Oh, so is he gonna be smashing a little kid? Yeah. He’s a villain. He’s not… Oh, perfect. He’s a superhero. So he could be carrying all the supplies. That’s a very good point. He teaches every class. So this is a giant paintbrush. Yes, he’s gonna be wielding a giant paintbrush. It’s not a broom, it’s a paintbrush. It should say paintbrush, not broom. Yeah, you have to label it. So if there was ever a movie with “Atelier the Hun”, this would always be floating with the brush, right? Can he fly with the paintbrush? Yeah. He’ll do it like a witch, though, like Harry
Potter. Well, so he sits on it. He doesn’t like point it? No, no, no. That’d be cool if he was like “Thor”, like
where he like… See, my problem is I actually don’t want him
to be cool. I want him to be kind of like… Kind of lame? Like, yeah. Like, he’s a very lame villain. Is he a good artist? No. That’s why he wants to destroy other people’s
talents. Oh, so he goes around and like messes up people’s
paintings with a giant paintbrush? Yeah! Okay. Oh, I’m sweating now! You sketch in pencil? Like a colored pencil? Yeah, blue Col-Erase and then move
into like…then I’d kind of just do like a…then I just go straight to ink after that. Let me find some paper. I do have a sketchbook. Oh, do you mind…can I borrow it then? You can keep it, you can keep the drawing
afterwards. I have a sketchbook. Okay, thanks. So is this a villain? Yeah. So I did my hero as a villain. Oh, you wanted me to create my own? Yeah. Well, who’s this one? This is “The Joker”. Oh, that’s “The Joker”? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then I use like a brush pen too. So I don’t really use like Microns or any
kind of like whatyoucallit, you know? So… Did you study a lot of artists? A lot of like animators. And it’s like that’s kind of like where I
kind of…well, the thing is I was just really into animation versus comic book art. So I liked them a lot. I thought the expressions, the bendiness,
everything else is so much more expressive and more fun than like the normal, like muscle
of the comic book stuff. It seemed so stiff to me, so when I started
trying to break that habit, I kind of had to look at a lot of different animators. But I kind of naturally gravitated to that. Like people like Milt Kahl who did like “Sword
In The Stone” and then, you know, and then a lot of old school “Looney Tunes” cartoons
and stuff like that. Yeah, very dynamic. Right, right. Because those are…and they’re very expressive in like hands and everything else in that kind of nature. You know? And then like, so what I would do here is
like, so you leave that back one done and I will kind of move that one
to like a lighter, lighter things. Which would give me the more, like you can
add in the rest of the thing of like. So then you then you can start toning it inwards
and never kind like line it out. You kind of just like, you kind of get the
idea of how the hands will move, like how they would look And technically, you don’t really have to
do much else but like fill it in and then start adding tone to it and stuff like that. It gives that illusion of it in the background
kind of thing. So like, you know, like even like I started
working like really rough because, you know, based on the anime, you watch anime, there’s…everything is very kind of rough. And then you fill it in and you make corrections
later. Yeah, we can get that out of your way. That’s awesome. That is great. Ten minutes. Oh good, was it? Yeah, it was great. Oh, that’s cool, man. Thanks, man. That’s some skill right there. I would have colored it in and stuff
like that. Nah, that’s great. There you go, man. Sweet! Cool, thank you so much.


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