4 “Must Have” Plugins για το Sketch

Hello guys! My name is Dimitris. Today we are going to see my 4 favorites sketch plugins Sketch is the No1 tool for UI Design,
right now! There is a huge community behind sketch that creates its own custom plugins. Let’s find them out! The first plugin we are going to use is Craft by Invision. Craft is a suite of tools. Some features are to generate dummy data, search for stock images duplicate elements and synchronize our design with the Invision
prototyping tool. When the craft is installed We can see a new bar
on the right For example an application with a list of cats. We have a card With the name of the cat The date of birth and the photo of the cat When we open the first tab there are lists of dummy data We click on the type cat name from our design and then Names and Both We do the same exact process for the date. For the oval, we click on the second tab called photos and then cats We don’t like that photo we click again That was the first tool The second tool is called duplicate We click on the card which is grouped then the duplicate tool This tool creates duplicates horizontal or vertical we will choose vertical 3 duplicates and the distance between them 16px That’s it! Very useful plugin You must try it! The second plugin is called Rename it with the Rename it we can keep our Sketch files organized batch rename layers and artboards. Let’s see an example We have 4 groups With the same name We don’t want that We are going to rename them Cards 1 -2 – 3 – 4 We select all the groups Then, plugins menu Rename it Rename selected layers We type cats and we choose Num. Sequence Dec And press rename fast and easy! Let’s see another example We have 3 icons in different sizes we select them all plugins menu rename it rename selected artboards we type twitter and then choose the Layer Width and Layer Height here is the preview Here are the new names of the artboards The next plugin is called
Runner Runner is like a spotlight for Sketch we can run many command navigate through pages insert symbols The shortcut is cmd+’ here we see a lot of artboards we use the shortcut for runner click on go to type artboard 5 here we are! We run again runner insert we are searching for cat symbol we click on our page let’s execute a command search for scale 90% Done! The last one Runner Type Lock Here it is… The final plugin is called distributor and distributes the objects we are going to select to the distance we want Let’s see an example We choose the 4 cards we have We execute the Runner Type distribute We have two options Horizontally or Vertically We choose vertically and the distance to 16px So.. We press alt to see the distance between the cards 16 px Let’s see another example With horizontal distribution We choose horizontally and the distance to 32px I hope to find this video useful If you want to share your favorite plugin leave it on the comments section See you on the next video!

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