3 Ways to Create a Gel Polish and Oil Design – Nail Hacks.

Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to do…what did I say it was? Adam:
Kirsty: A… Hi everybody I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to do a Cool Effect using Gel Polish and Oil. Now, this image was sent to me by one of our followers and she said, “can you do a nail like this?” So, I’ve had a play and this is how I got on. So, this image was sent to me, not by this person, they screenshot it. They sent me that and that and this and this. So, we were like, ”hmm how do we do this?” So, I’ve had a play and I found three different ways we can create this kind of look, so I’m gonna show you three ways. On the first one, what I’m gonna do is start off with a metallic base. So, with the metallic, you need to put a shiny surface on there. So, we’re gonna create a shiny surface using the gel topcoat. It’s the easiest way to use the metallics and pretty much the only way. Gonna pop that in the lamp. And once that’s cured, we’re going to use the metallics. Now, this is M30. That does not say 30, that says 23. It has a name, we don’t know what it is. So, the metallics have to go on top of a shiny surface, so they have to go on top of anything that’s shiny, so it could be a hard gel that you’ve done and you’ve put that hard gel on top and everything’s nice and smooth, you could put it on the top of Mega Gloss and you can put it on the top of the Urban Graffiti Topcoat, that is my favorite to be honest with you. So, once that’s cured, you gonna take your metallic and I’m gonna do one thin coat. Right, that’s all I need. And I’m gonna turn my phone on silent. Adam: This is just a recurring thing in every video. Kirsty: I know! And we’re gonna let that dry. We’re gonna pop it in the lamp to encourage it to dry. It will air dry but you can actually use a hairdryer. I didn’t tell you that though. Once that’s dry, I’m gonna put on a coat of the Urban Graffiti top coat and that’s gonna seal that product in. So, we’re just using this as a background. Now, you don’t have to use a metallic, you could use any gel polish and we are gonna do that in the other nails. The other nails we’re gonna use different colours, so we’re not just going to use metallics. I just wanted to use metallic on this one because I thought it was pretty. Once that’s cured, that’s what you’re gonna be left with. Now, we’re gonna choose the colours. We want contrasting colours. So, I’m gonna use these four colors. We have Glass and a Half. Kirsty: What?
Kirsty & Adam: Lemoncello! Adam: Didn’t we have Lemoncello before? Kirsty: What’s Lemoncello? Adam: It’s like an Italian drink, like an aperitif type thing with you. You have it before or after a meal. Kirsty: I don’t know. is it to cleanse your palette Adam: Well, it’s just… normally, they’re just kind of give out as a free thing. Kirsty: Hmm! And then, we have this one as well and we have Ocean Depths. I have some backing paper here as well, you need that. We’re just gonna apply the colour really random wherever I kind of think I would like a little bit of colour. If you get any of that other colour, you only go straight up to it as it goes on your brush. You can wipe it off onto the paper and it’ll clean it before you go back into the bottle. Just like that , clean that off Then you put the purple on. And add a bit more of this yellow. Lemoncello! Don’t worry about covering the whole nail. Now, what you’re gonna do is get some Cuticle Oil. Now, I have some Tea Tree Cuticle Oil, just gonna pop a little bit of that onto the backing paper. I’m gonna put my finger in it. Your fingers are the best tools you will ever have. What I’m gonna do is, with my finger, I’m gonna rub through to marble the gel polish. Because there is oil on my finger, it won’t stick and it’ll start to make these little tiny holes. If you watch it, it’ll start going a bit crazy. Now, if you want to add a little bit more, you can just put your finger back in the oil. I’m just gonna pull through one more time. Wanna see that colour popping through. And I know what you’re thinking, “oh my God! she’s putting oil on gel polish. That’s like a big no-no.” For this design, we can do that. I’m gonna add a tiny bit more oil quite random. Make sure you clean this brush before it goes back in to the bottle. A good idea, when you’re cleaning this brush, is to hold the bristles because I might have broke one. So, I’ve kind of like hold and hold a little bit too hard and that broke it. So yeah, don’t do that. Gonna pop that into the lamp. Once you’re happy with it, you’re gonna pop it into the lamp and cure it. Then, we’re gonna use Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution and a lint-free pad to wipe off the oil. Make sure you’ve got all the oil off before you topcoat because that’s what we’re gonna do now. We’re gonna top coat this. And pop that in the lamp. So, can you see those little holes that you get here and here? So, you can marble it with your finger and with the oil on and it will give you those tiny tiny little holes. So, that’s one way to do it. Now, for another… Play day for Kirsty. So, these are my little messing about bits and bobs. This is, well, I was doing my little experiment. So, look at that! Oh my God! How amazing is that? I absolutely love it! So, we did lots of different ones and I was just messing about to see what kind of look I could get, so figured another way to do it as well. This is sort of oil meets gel polish effect. We’re gonna use different colours this time. I’m gonna use a different tone in the background as well. I’m going to use a bit of glitter in the background this time, so this is Gold as Ice. We’re willing to sacrifice. You’re not joining. Oh, I just deafened you. So, I’m gonna do a couple of coats of this as the background. So, two coats of this gorgeous glitter. What gorgeous colour that is. I don’t even think we’ve used this on camera before. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Anyway enough of that. That’s the background. We are now going to create this sort of Coral like effect. We’re going to use these colours, so we have Rich Teal and then we have 958, probably has a name, not sure which is it. It’s a beautiful pale lemon green and then we have Ocean Depths. Now, ocean depths are very pigmented, darker colours will overtake the paler colour, so you’ll want more pale than you have dark. Does that make sense? So, you’re gonna put a little bit of that turquoisy Rich Teal. You can make this as big or as little as you want to. I’m just gonna put and little bit, just there, that’s it. gonna add a little bit of oil And with my finger, I don’t need to add any oil to my finger at this stage, but with my finger, I’m going to push this out and just wave it till I’m kind of happy with it, yeah. And that is gorgeous. You can even add more if you want, if you’re not happy with it, you could go again. So, I’ll show you what it’ll be like, I’ll just add a little bit more of this and you can push that into it as well. What we’re going to do is, with a calligraphy pen, you can do this with a dotting tool as well but a calligraphy pen will hold more product. So, I’m gonna pop some oil into that pen. Imagine it’s ink. With a calligraphy pen we can do this. you can do it light and you canpress on harder and it will get bigger. See? yeah? We’re gonna go like this. Now, you can watch it, see what it does. Now, see what it’s doing, its pushing away the gel polish and it’s making those little holes that some people I’m afraid of. I think there’s a name for that holey phobia not the holes. Adam’s quiet today, he’s in pain. Not searching for sympathy though, are you? Adam: No! Kirsty: No no! he’s got a poorly the shoulder. It’s all this filming. You’re just gonna keep working it till you’re happy with it really. You can make it as big or as little as you want to do it. And now, I’m gonna pop that in to the lamp. Once that’s set, I’m gonna get a lint-free pad again and we’re gonna use the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. We’re gonna use that to wipe off the oil. Make sure all the oil’s off and you’re gonna peel that off. Ooh, look at that! And then, you’re gonna choose the best bit for your nail. You can make a really big one quickly and just cut it off and put it in a jar. load of them in different colours. So, because that gel polish has got a slight sticky layer, we didn’t topcoat it, did it with the background colour, it will stick to it. So, make sure you go all the way around. It’s still very flexible as well. Press it down. Make sure you cure right underneath, so you can see I’ve cured underneath. We’re gonna do two coats of topcoat. You gonna do the one first as it is now. Once that is set, what you’re gonna do is file off that excess. If you wanted to use smaller pieces what you could do is, you could actually cut off little pieces and and pop that onto the nail. Adam: Was wondering how you’re gonna cut that off. you couldn’t curl them right round Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: That’ll make it harder to cap. Kirsty: Yeah. Adam: Or filing it off. Kirsty: Filing it off is a lot easier. I think you don’t need to So, like you’ve got that bit there, you could save that if you wanted to. See that part stopped because underneath, there’s a little bit of gel and then it’s moved. You can see it moved and there’s a little bit of gel there, so the gel’s cured and made it stick to that base. So, you’ve cleaned it up, now we’re gonna go in with a second coat of topcoat. This is where you definitely need to cap your edges. And pop that into the lamp. That’s pretty cool, that is. Definitely need some gems. For this one, I’m going to use Champagne Bubbles and use that on the background and I like using something that’s a bit sparkly on the background because it just shines through. Gonna do two coats of that. Right! So, I’m gonna use these colours now, so I have Snow White, Ocean Depths and Glass and a Half and this time, I’m gonna do a thin layer of white all over the nail. Everything. Just gonna give us a slightly different effect. And we’re gonna pull through using acrylic . Clean that before I put it in the bottle, make sure all those brushes are clean. And pull through, then I use my finger, I’m gonna wipe through coming from top to bottom. Oh, I like just like that, I do. it’s very like abstract into that abstract art. Right! So, next what we’re gonna do is, we have a little spray bottle. You can use any spray bottle that you want to. It’s a little spray bottle and I put oil, cuticle oil inside that. It was actually the cuticle oil that was in this bottle that I broke the brush on. So, we’re gonna spray with the oil. This is where it gets messy. So, spray about what, twelve inches away? You can see it starts to have an effect on it. And you can keep spraying until you are happy with your little design. I like it. Gonna pop that into the lamp now. Gonna use these Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution again to clean off that oil. Right! What we are gonna do now is seal this in with the Urban Graffiti topcoat. So, you’ve got to make sure that oil is completely gone from that nail because if you don’t and then you put the topcoat on, the topcoat won’t sit right on the nail, it’ll separate. Pop that into the lamp. This little one here was my play nail when I was figuring out how we’re gonna create this effect. So, this is how to create a Oil meets Gel Polish Effect using three different techniques and they…all those three different techniques create a totally different look. So, you can see on these two where I squish in with oil on my actual finger, it reacts with it and separates and make tiny little holes. You can see here and here, these little tiny tiny holes. And then this one, I love this one. It’s seems like really fun. I made a detail with this and that looks really cool and then I like this one because it is a bit quite abstract and I like the gold shining through as well. I like how it sort of pushed it out and created a totally different sort of water droplet effect. So, I like all the techniques really. Which one is your favorite? Which one would you wear? You might have noticed I’ve got plaits in today. I think we should put wire in them and make them go like that, so it looks like a cowgirl because apparently cowgirls wear a wire in there. Adam: Really? Kirsty: I’m joking! But I’ve seen like, you know, fancy dress that they have wire in the end. Adam: Is it like Austrian girls that… Kirsty: Oh, is that what it is? Adam: I don’t think it’s cowgirls, ithink it’s Austrian Kirsty: Yeah.
Adam: Yeah. Kirsty: Oh! So, there you are guys. I hope you have enjoyed this video. Have a little play and see what cool designs you can make because the good thing about this and the fun part is that every single time, it will be a little bit different. So, it’s like bespoke, very unique, like Adam. I’ll see you in the next video, guys! Bye! Kirsty: Was that sound like there Adam: Horrible! Take them off Kirsty: You’ve got enough.
Adam: Yeah. Kirsty: You’re not happy with them.
Adam: Yeah. Kirsty: You’re such a naughty naughty microphone!


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