3 Holiday Makeup Tutorials & Looks! | Maddi Bragg

Hey guys! So today I am doing something super fun and exciting I am shooting with Urban Outfitters so Today I showed you three holiday, festive, super glittery, metallic, shiny, fun holiday looks. So, keep watching to figure out how to do that So, for the first look were going to be doing something super fun and very glittery So the first step is to use this, it’s actually a lip primer but were gonna use it for our eyes and it’s super sticky so its gonna make sure the glitter, you know, gets on your eyes. Just taking some on my fingers and I am gonna put it on my eyelids So I am using one of the three glitters that comes in this Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics glitters set and I am just gonna use my finger, this one isn’t as glittery so it’s gonna go all over your lid Now we’re using this super glittery glitter that comes in the set and I’m gonna focus this on the middle and inner corner of my eye wooow I’m just gonna take a clean powder brush and swipe away the glitter under my eyes so I’m going in with this Eyeko mascara To finish off the eye portion of this look, I’m gonna use this Glow Kit, it’s super versatile I’m also gonna end up using it on my cheeks but I’m gonna take the lightest color Snow, and put it on my inner corner I’m gonna use the Milk Makeup lip and cheek product this is in the color Rally, it’s a little bit darker so I’m gonna use a light hand with it Now I’m gonna use the Glow Kit again but this time for my cheeks and I’m gonna use the color White Sand I’m gonna use the same small brush I used for my eyes and take a mixture of Snow and White Sand and put it on my cupid’s bow and the tip of my nose and the look is finished! Oh my God it’s so cool! So for the second look we’re going to be doing a sort of glossy vinyl looking eye I’m first gonna use this Milk shadow liner, super easy to apply, super simple I’m just gonna swipe it all over my lid and blend it with my finger Now is the fun part, this is the Milk Makeup Eye Vinyl it’s like an eye sort of gloss it’s super cool, it’s a nice nude color and it just.. I don’t know it’s super on trend right now everyone’s into glossy eyelids so I’m just gonna apply it straight from the thing onto my lids and probably use my finger a little bit.. super simple Now we have to complete the look with mascara I’m just gonna be applying a bit to my top and bottom lashes To finish the look I’m using a bit of this Milk Makeup lip and cheek I’m gonna put it on my finger instead of putting it directly on my face because is a.. pretty bright color And you’re done! So for the last look we’re gonna focus on using this Milk eye pigment it’s a really fun metallic shade so this product is super pigmented, a little bit goes a long way so I put some on the back of my hand and I’m just gonna use my finger to apply it Again I’m gonna use this mascara on my bottom lashes Now I’m gonna use this Milk Makeup blush in the color Perk it’s a beautiful coral color, and I’m just gonna use my fingers because it’s pretty pigmented And then I’m gonna highlight with this Milk Makeup highlighter, this is the shade Lit I’m highlighting my cheekbone and then my cupid’s bow, it’s above my lip right here and then a little bit on the tip of my nose I’m also gonna add some to the inner corner of my eye So that’s it for this last look! Very simple, very easy, fun and festive thank you guys so much for watching this video, i hope you enjoyed be sure to subscribe to my channel, follow me on Instagram and all of that also subscribe to UO TV and check out the other video that we did and I’ll see you guys in my next one byee


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