2015-2017 Mustang GT, EcoBoost, V6 Modern Billet Black Upper Replacement Grille Review & Install

Hey everybody, Alex with americanmuscle.com. Today I’m bringing you my detailed review
and installation of Modern Billet’s Black Upper and Lower Replacement Grille Kit fitting
the 2015 through 2017 Mustang GT V6 and EcoBoost. So grilles should appeal to any Mustang owner
out there for one reason or another, be it just customizing and personalizing your ride,
or for someone that’s looking to make a big change up front and channel in some modern
or retro vibes, or both, like what we’re working with here today. And in terms of that installation despite
you need to do the slightest amount of drilling, I’ll still be giving this an easy one of out
three wrenches on our difficulty meter here, and about an hour’s worth of labor, and I
will have more for you coming up on that later. So Modern Billet’s Black Upper and Lower Grille
Replacement Kit that we’re looking at today is gonna be a great option, just like I had
said before, for any Mustang owner looking to make a big change up front. But more importantly for the owner out there,
that’s on a tight budget, as this kit will be one of the most inexpensive and affordable
options on the website at the time of shooting this video. Now additionally for the GT, V6, or EcoBoost
owner out there that’s looking for that blacked-out theme, maybe you’re not too into the idea
of going with a polished setup, this is going to further enhance, as well as accentuate,
the front end of your car. It’s going to make the lines look that much
nicer, and not only that, if you’re running anything like a chin spoiler, maybe headlight
covers or any type of tint, they’re just going to play together very nicely. But looks aside here guys, we’re going to
see that the upper ten bar and the lower five bar are going to be manufactured out of a
durable billet aluminum construction. They are designed with CAD data that’s direct
from Ford and then finished off in a semi-gloss powder-coated finish. Now in comparison to some of the other options
out there, I’m gonna use T-Rex for example here, you’re gonna see that their prices are
going to be that much higher. That’s mainly to be due to the use of the
60-61 T6 aluminum and that’s gonna fall in line right around 350 bucks. And if you’re dead set on just having that
V that they have, it might be a better option for you, but I honestly think the bargain
is going to be here as you’re going to see this fall in line at about 350 bucks for the
set. Let’s switch gears to the installation portion
of the video, just like I had said up top, you’re still looking at a very easy one out
of three wrenches on the difficulty meter here, and about thirty minutes to an hour
to get this set on the front of your car. Now looking ahead, here are some things I’d
make sure to have on hand would be a drill bit and a drill, pliers, flathead, a socket
set, and a ratchet, and a little bit of patience. So to begin you’re gonna want to remove your
front bumper along with the plastic bumper brace, and this can be done by gently bending
the tabs that are holding that in place. So next up, you’re gonna want to take your
new grille, center it in place, then either with a grease marker or a permanent marker
you’re gonna want to mark your locations where you need to drill your mounting holes. So after you tap your holes, it’s more or
less just getting the center in place, and then attaching it with the provided hardware,
and then you can move down to the lower. Now the lower is going to be the easier portion
of the installation here, you’re merely just gonna get your Phillips head screws along
with your toggle nuts, run them through, tighten them down, and then you’re good to go. And once your grilles are in place, simply
walk that facia up to your Mustang, reattach your lighting harnesses and then attach the
clips on both sides of the car. You’ll then need to bolt down the top of the
facia, reattach your rad cover via the pushpin clips, and you’re good to go. I’m Alex, and that’s my review and installation
of Modern Billet’s Black Upper and Lower Replacement Grille’s fitting the 2015 through 2017 Mustang
GT, V6, and EcoBoost available right here at americanmuscle.com.


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