2 Day LIVE Online Creature Maquette Sculpting & Painting Course with Jordu Schell

JORDU SCHELL: Hello, this is Jordu Schell for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. And I’d like to invite you, not only to my
studio – that I’m going to give a brief tour of — but, my first live online class that is going to allow you the unique opportunity to join in on a full two day class — running consecutive Saturdays — on making creature maquettes and painting
them. You’ll have access to live class forums that are going to allow me to see your work
as you work along with me creating a maquette. Now, you’ll also, of course, get a Certificate of Completion. And the Stan Winston School of Character Arts will promote the top student work on their
website and Facebook. You’ll get the chance to network with other artists from all over the world and see their work in progress as well. Not only that, but I’ll get to critique all
of your work as you’re working on it. And don’t worry,
I’m gentle. Come on. Another thing, of course, that’s going to
be cool, is you have the opportunity to ask me questions
as I’m working. You’re going to see the entire process. You’re going to see me build an armature. You’re going to see me build up all the forms and how I go about building up forms. I’d really like to invite you to join my class because it’s going to be a really good time, full of laughs and a lot of knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or a pro at this there’s always something
you can get out of these classes. I really, really, hope you’ll join us for
these two consecutive Saturdays of exciting, online teaching. The first day will be 8 hours of creature
sculpting and design. The second Saturday will be 8 hours of creature
painting, hair work and finishing. You can’t afford
to miss it. You’ll love it. I know you will. For full
class details go here. And join me and the Stan Winston School of Character Arts at the exciting opportunity.

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