100% Design London 2019 | Next Level Living

I think the trow away culture that’s arisen over the
past fifty years has really damaged design in a way that it has taken the joy out of design decisions. And i think when you opt for more sort of hand
made crafted pieces or vintage items I think it brings a personal touch to it. I think right now sustainability is obviously the
hot topic and materials are being developed so that we can find answers to these problems
that we’ve got with the environment
with our health and well being. In my work first I start by collecting coffey grinds
from the local coffey shop and services diverting it from the landfill. This way i’m helping reduce the
emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Design can also set requirements
on sustainable sollutions. One example of that is our Design Wall where you
can choose from nine different artworks and paintings. Here it’s important that we can change the design
to a new painting or picture without
replacing the whole Design Wall.

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