10 Furniture Transformers and Space Saving Design Ideas

– [Narrator] From folding to rotating, extending and expanding here
are 10 pieces of furniture that transform. Number 10, Compatto, the
wall bed revolving bookcase with table. This premium revolving bookcase wall bed is designed and manufactured in Italy, and is a complete package. It includes a mattress, and a dining table that can hide away. It would be a challenge
to avoid being impressed by this unique wall bed. The shelf can blend into
a library, cabinetry or be a bookshelf all on it’s own. With a few simple twists and turns your books and possessions are hidden away and you
are ready to lower you bed for a good night sleep. It’s high quality design
and engineering is evident in this beautiful revolving bed. The large dinner table
smoothly conceals itself when not needed and
the shelving has plenty of vertical storage to
keep your home organized. This Italian rotating
wall bed is a bedroom, dining room and vertical
storage unit all combined into an easy and neat package. Number nine, Flexible
Love, a nature inspired building structure. Though you may believe
that cardboard furniture should remain a last resort
for college kids only there are plenty of designers
out there experimenting with this eco-friendly alternative to traditional construction materials. Much of the cardboard furniture we’ve seen tends to play up the structured lines of the ordinary cardboard box, so it’s the sinuous curves of this line that draws our attention. Flexible Love may seem like a strange name for a line of seating but
the concept and the execution are actually quite appealing. These pieces are made from
recycled paper and wood waste, and utilize an accordion
like honeycomb to create an expandable seating area. A simple tug on each
end stretches the piece to accommodate more
guests, making it the ideal seating option for a small space. Best of all it doesn’t
really look like it’s made of cardboard an important design element for many of us looking to
incorporate a cardboard piece into an existing home. Number eight, the Junior Giant Table. The Junior Giant Table is exactly that, a junior console that
transforms into a giant table. This is a smart console
that opens up, extends and turns into a giant
table with leaflets. As a small console or a
work desk it is unobtrusive, yet a pleasure to look at. The console splits in
half to reveal a chassis that extends out to an extra 72.4 inches. Up to four 18 inch leaflets can be placed to make this table as little
or as giant as you like. A great idea for someone
who likes to entertain and needs extra space for their guest. Or turn it into an extra large workspace for conference meetings. Whatever you choose to use this unit for it will expand the space in your home through the Junior Giant’s
multifunctional design. The support leg is able to move a few feet in either direction as the small table, while providing extra
support as a large table to host a true feast. Number seven, the X100
Smart Living wall unit with TV stand. Created by Marco Pozzoli
and Stefano Curioni. This project was designed in partnership with Fimar Mobili, it can
lodge a transformable table, mini or mini long, and six folding chairs. It is a self standing
wall unit with optional LED lighting. It has an adjustable
TV rack supporting TVs up to 52 inches, and the
wall unit can be combined with the shelving unit. Number six, the Murphy
Sofa, double wall bed couch. Are you looking for a
compact Murphy bed sofa, for a den or small room. The Murphy Sofa double was
designed to give you a sofa, wall bed combination in a smaller space. Easy transition from a
living room to a bedroom by simply folding up the
wall bed to sit on your sofa. There’s an impressive
amount of built in storage in the sofa, and there’s
even enough clearance to leave a coffee table
below the bed at night. This system gives you a very
efficient use of your space and allows for fast transition
from media living room to a bedroom with all the
benefits of built in storage. It only takes a few seconds
to go from one to the other. The double wall bed couch
system is great for small rooms, giving you a compact
sofa and built in storage combined with a double sized Murphy bed. This system can also work well
with slightly under height ceilings, if you have
no closet in your den consider having ample storage in your sofa for some essentials. Best of all it’s easy to
use and looks beautiful with it’s clean lines and polished finish. Number five, the Florida
2 expandable table. Take a look at this table,
maybe a little heavy for a coffee table with
just a hint of a seam across the middle to give
away the secrets inside. This unusual table transforms
from a small coffee table to a large table that can seat six. It also adjusts in
height and has a modern, contemporary look and feel. This simple but elegant design
is surprisingly efficient as all the leaves fit inside. Number four, Cube wall shelves. This modular color corner bookcase system brightens up your room while
providing useful storage. Shaped like mini steps with
included color back panels that provide just a little
pop of color without being too loud, the clean
lines and round corners along with the sturdy,
lightweight components make it an ideal candidate
for homes with children, or in areas where you might
have to move the shelf. With plenty of room for
your books and collectibles the color corner shelf
is a fun, convenient way to keep clutter at bay. You can place your books in the cube units and accentuate the top
with a plant or photograph. It’s modular design proves
that storing your books and organizing does not have to be boring. This bookcase solution is
ideal for when you crave storage space that is stylish too. Number three, the Amore
revolving TV Murphy bed. This is a functional eye
catching space solution. Combining a media center and bookshelves that can rotate 180 degrees,
and opens to a queen bed. You can use a 32 inch TV or larger if you have a thin bezzle,
and it will rotate perfectly and hide away when you
unveil the hidden bed. The sides of the revolving
Murphy bed are a pair of compact cupboards, a
custom mattress is included with every order. LED light fixtures are
included in this premium Italian built product. The clever rotation system
balances the whole shelving and TV cabinet allowing
you to rotate smoothly while keeping everything
connected during it’s rotation. Number two, the 4X4 Extended table. This table presents an
exclusive opening system. The table changes in it’s
shape and it’s outlook because of the extensions that once opened cross the veins of the
top and give an elegant linked motif. This extending dining table is designed by Giulio Manzonni for Italian brand Ozzio. Which is well known for offering unique transformable furniture. Number one, the Rossi Evolution Table. We’ve saved the best for last
with this remote controlled expanding and retracting table. Created in 2015 by Rossi
Evolution out of San Francisco, California this table
features self enclosed leaves that are easily expanded
using a wireless remote. It’s designed to accommodate
12 place settings or more. Imagine accidentally clicking the button when the table is set
and there are guests. All right you guys let us
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