🦄 DIY Unicorn Acrylic Pour Challenge – Man Vs Corinne Vs Art #2

what’s up everybody Rob here you’re watching another episode of man vs. Corinne vs. arts today we’re going to dive into the very colorful world of acrylic pouring I’ve been seeing it do its rounds on the good old internet it’s actually been suggested quite a new recipe at a time stupid acrylic for like Jenna and Julian but with a thread banger twist well I decided that this time around we’re gonna be using our own blood or maybe like unicorn or galaxy or something oh yeah one of those we bring galaxy back it’s what I think the galaxy Queen has come out of retirement Wow we got all the supplies you did you did a good job of setting everything up got all the paints so what did you have to put in here to make this you do one part paint one part pouring medium a little squirt of water and some dimethicone and you throw all those things in and just until like the paint gets liquidy and runny and that’s what I’ve been doing I got a couple canvases and you know what’s really gonna make that outfit a little bit more galaxy these gloves slap these on no glove no love I didn’t do very good in the Bob Ross challenge we were just going by audio that’s really hard and I kind of want to redeem myself from that so I think these make a little squeaky noise so I think acrylic pouring is gonna be my forte all right let’s get started shall we there’s a couple methods there’s a dirty pour and then it’s like a straight pour you know I want to go for the dirty pour okay 34 oh is that what the thread banger twist is just really dirty I think us doing it as a twist I’m in so for these I think that we only need really like this cup filled because we’re doing a small campus yep so you want to start off with some white on the bottom you shake it yeah sure why not I like that noise this could be ASMR five okay so I’m going for obviously the galaxy theme so I definitely need purple real good shucker and you just want to kind of like create layers you do like circles you could do circles you could do different designs this these color combos here hey is that enough that’s some Miami Vice there look how pretty yeah Wow Cheers now you just take your canvas and you put it on top of the cup hold on tight flip it over Wow carefully put it on oh my goodness and then you slowly pull it away count of three you ready yeah all right one two three look at all that that’s cool the Sheep this is like no art skills necessary and then you just start moving it I’m completely mesmerised what yours is fuckin red that’s some galaxies like asteroids and shit it’s pretty cool when you just use all colors that you like love you really can’t go wrong it’s an ocean it’s a cosmic sky I don’t know what here’s this pretty cool too it gets even cooler you can take a blow torch to it too check this out cool that definitely create some galaxies yeah little stars Shh Wow look at that flick of the wrist already gettin into it hey this is galaxy neato I always see this in like art stores and I’m like that’s some real freakin artistry I think this is gonna be a real problem for all those acrylic poor artists out there this is some secret art that has like just been exposed and released to the general public this is like a high school acid trip I hope I’m really mesmerized by this we get we need to go bigger yeah I feel like we definitely need to go bigger solid first piece so we’re gonna move on to the bigger ones going for it what colors are you gonna do this time same color same color I’m gonna do a different color layer spectrum though oh yeah that makes sense no oh this is the one like a dead yellow that’s gonna be crazy why are you hogging all the goddamn colors over there what the galaxy colors are on your side how do you do it now oh I don’t know this is way harder yeah here I’ll help you have at that No okay [Laughter] [Music] that was stressful I’m ready for it go for it wow that’s nice that’s a nebula you need more paint you can’t rush art Rob then go over here in galaxy van Gogh you can then go right the hell out of here oh my god oh my God look at this the eye of the artist very slippery she forgot the gloves you need napkins or something that is like a vortex galaxy look what’s going on with it now that’s like something out of start don’t try to make it better yeah that’s artistic rubs our touch right thank you it’s all over my wedding ring thanks Rob oh you’re welcome for all your help I haven’t even done mine yet that was exciting I think you should go wash up I do really love this color though this is my aesthetic right now mood all right you’re going for mine all right here we go here we go here we go here we go okay all right you ready yeah yeah I feel like I’ve just said oh yeah 10,000 times in this episode no like the kool-aid man I know it does bitch oh look at that that Selleck I can definitely see this in like like a real shitty coffee shop oh yeah this is what my nightmares are made of there’s colors happening right now that I’ve never even imagined before mine’s even a corny more like corny that looks really cool don’t get it too much of that oh I don’t know if you should add any more it up you can that’s the thing Julian kind of did that damn calling it out like she sees it this is like a competition now getting did the acrylic pour better this is the acrylic pour challenge this is what next we challenged Christine in bed oh we didn’t see that one yeah come on and eventually Sofia and Tyler anyone who’s a couple needs to take this challenge there’s not a lot left Oh pick it up I thought it was falling all the leaves were coming off the trees but damn that is some shade right there wow I wasn’t sure where you were going with that my ammo is really bright I landed it landed it this is fun though I actually really like this this is going up in the house what this is an aesthetic though this is like Instagram hang this up in your room millennial yeah yeah it kind of looks like earth you know like Google Earth or something where it’s like rivers going through and weird like that this is an aerial satellite view of Planet unicorn x/y a unicorn marble that’s what I yeah could you imagine this is your countertop in your house yes that would be real cool why isn’t that a thing Shark Tank it shark tank here we come Yaron get them outta here damn well I’m done that’s it you’re finished yep yours on the other hand is not as peaceful feeling no no my mind it looks like a intergalactic wormhole this is like what it looks like in the split nanosecond that the entire universe is consumed by like a giant black hole we’re somewhere in there that’s the scariest part of this whole painting that’s what’s got me up at night I feel like we nailed it it feels weird because things usually take a lot longer for us to accomplish uh-huh and they usually turn out a lot dear how do we go back to our regular lives now but I think that maybe the end of the video that’s it we gotta go wash up I’m gonna clean this bullshit up do me a favor like at this video even if you didn’t subscribe we are close to four million subscribers closer than we’ve ever been before and then while you’re down there we’re down in the comments of the section demo in below yeah yes well hello you’re down there let us go could you think won this challenge and actually I want to know who you think won between Julian and then I talk too much too much we’ll see you around here next time [Music] [Music] you [Music]


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