【ibisPaint】How to draw a Chibi Character

If subtitles overlap, please tap the maximize button. This time I will explain about two heads height character. The size of the head and the body are the same, the whole is round and it is characterized by lovely. From the My Gallery, tap “+” to create the “1:1” canvas. I draw two circles of the same size vertically. Open the ruler tool and select the “Circle Ruler”. I draw a circle. Open the layer window and duplicate the circle with “Duplicate Layer”. Put the circles vertically by “Invert Layer Vertically”. Join two circles with “Compose Layer”. When you finish using the circle ruler, turn it off. I will draw guidelines to make it easier to draw face and body. The horizontal line of face should be proportions like this image. If you draw a horizontal line upwards, it will not be like a Chibi character. To draw lines, add a new layer above. Open the ruler tool and select the “Straight Ruler”. A horizontal ruler was added. I will also add a ruler with “Add Straight Ruler.” If you can draw the vertical line, select the horizontal ruler with “Select Straight Ruler”. After you draw the lines, open the ruler tool again and turn it off. Open the layer window and lower the “Layer Opacity” to thin the color. I will draw illustrations by adding a new layer above. I will draw a contour. I will trace the head and the chin on the circle. If you draw the chin shorter than the head you can draw cute outlines. Draw the forehead and draw the cheeks. If you draw cheeks are inflated, it becomes more pretty. I will draw the body. Draw the lines to the horizontal line to draw the torso. Close the lid with a triangle. Grow legs from the triangle. I draw arms to the horizontal line. When drawing arms and legs, if you draw only the curve without drawing details such as muscles, you can draw it cute. I will draw parts of the face. Draw ellipses around the center of the horizontal line. Draw eyelashes on the ellipse. Draw ears around the center of the horizontal line. Draw a mouth and eyebrows and you are done. This is a bad example of the parts of the face. Eyes, nose, ears etc are detailed so I feel a sense of incompatibility. I will erase the nose. You can draw the nose, but let’s draw it small. Do not draw much of the eyes and draw simple. I draw the ear also simple. I draw the eyebrows a little above. Depending on the character, if you draw the parts simply, it will be more like a Chibi character. If you are concerned about the balance between left and right, open the tool selection window and select the “Lasso tool”. I will surround the eye. Open the tool selection window again and select the “Transform tool”. I will transform the shape with “Perspective Form”. I will also draw other parts. I will deform this character. Let’s draw the feature firmly. Let’s add a movement when you get used to drawing. Preparing a sample is easy to draw. Complete! Thank you for your watching!


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