Уроки рисования с нуля #3 Кисти (engsub) Painting Lessons for Beginners #3 Brushes

Hello! I’m glad we got here
by the third lesson it’s great! Today will be dedicated
brushes, and of course, their a great many
I will tell this a little about those that I have. I have prepared for you a little
table, and separated brush on synthetic and stubble. This does not mean that it is necessary
buy all these brushes, just show you the variety. I signed every brush
by number and company if you suddenly want to find
the same. If possible, leave
references to them in the description under the video. Maybe this video will be released
a little late since I already took off for
you video about the brush, but then the camera let me down
and now I have to take a new one. From your brush set
I tried to pick up closest to the presented
in the pictures. And let’s start with flat brushes,
they are all very similar and can replace each other. Just eat wider
and less broad. They are very convenient to achieve
smooth transition from color in colour. And I’ll start with flat synthetics
size 12. This brush can be held
both the broad line and thin. Very suitable if you
need to paint over big surface. Next comes the beveled brush,
its difference is that the nap cut at an angle. She can also spend
wide lines so waved and thin. Next we have two flat
brushes that are absolutely same as the first one,
but just in smaller size. You see, they are all very
similar and easy to replace each other, the only
here is the difference in width the widest line. And closes this column
synthetic rounded brush. You see she practically
no different then have it can hold
as broad lines and thin, just she has a rounded
end. She can draw for example
petals of flowers then there is this brush for those
who needs to achieve a certain effect but special need
in it is not. In the next column we have
round synthetic brushes. And I decided to start with the most
longest and thinnest. All thin brushes are designed
in order to draw small details for example
any twigs or blade of grass. Next brush practically
no different just she has a shorter nap,
but they can achieve the same effect. Next we have synthetics
round pointed. This is a round brush, just
her tip is sharp. With this brush you can work
differently, depending how you hold it
can be thinner lines, or wider. Just want to say that
for a start you will be enough even four brushes. Take two flat synthetic
brushes for example size 12 and 2. And two round brushes, for example
size 9 and 1. For the simplest pictures
at the beginning you will be this more than enough. Next we have synthetics
round, brush a little resembles a brush for
make up. With this brush you can
same work differently for example draw circles
, or such point movements can draw
foliage, and you can also do wide lines. A number of synthetic brushes
completes fan brush. It is very convenient to draw
blades of grass to be honest I she doesn’t do anything else
but maybe you will find her another interesting application. And it remains to consider
three bristle brushes. These brushes are very similar
on synthetic you for example can achieve smooth
transition from color to color them, but they are due to their
hard nap can leave such stripes, as it were
scratch paint. And of course they are difficult
draw a thin line. And for starters, I’ll show you
such a flat brush. Specially decided to show
you closer for you to see the difference between synthetic
brush and bristle brush, she kind of scratches
paint. I like to use
brush bristles when i paint such as green trees,
she gives very interesting Effect. And sometimes I use it.
to draw water. Of course I would advise
you get one brush stubble, either flat, or
such a round one, about which I’ll tell you now. But it is not so necessary
like the four previous brushes about which I told you
that is, it is already in addition. Next comes the round bristles
I have not found, unfortunately pictures suitable but
I want to show you her. You can also hold
her lines, or that’s it to draw leaves. Actually on the internet
so many lessons where leaves on trees draw
exactly brush bristles, in including in my videos
lessons I almost always I use them for trees. And the latest brush,
This fan bristles. In principle, it is the same
as well as synthetic fan brush. Well, I think you might notice
difference between a blade of grass which gives synthetic
brush, they like separately from each other. And the bristles still mix,
and does not give separate lines. I also know that there are those
who masterfully draw for example Christmas trees such a brush, but
I haven’t mastered it yet this. And at the end I would like to
repeat that is not at all be sure to buy everything
brushes that you see in store for you to start
will be flat enough synthetic large
and less. And round synthetic
bigger and smaller. And you might want
take one bristle brush. Just want to advise
take not very expensive brushes initially since
if they don’t suit you It will be very insulting. Not a bad company “Art
materials “, their icon looks like so here is how a droplet
or as yin-yang. I will try to show you. They are sold almost
in any office supply store and are quite inexpensive. Or you can take some
inexpensive set. In my video were not presented
brushes of such materials like a squirrel or pony because
what if I honestly they do not really like. On this we will finish with you
our today’s occupation if you have any
questions must write me in the comments, I’m all
I will answer. And see you at the next
bye, bye bye!


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