Подвесное кресло из фанеры. Своими руками

Mama Designer s diary Don’t bother the blonde Hello, my name is Ira And I want to make this armchair from so piece of pywood 18 mm thick I need to draw with this gadget a lot of rounds I ll carve semi-rouinds, 56 slices will be Pencils won t be enough I m drilling in center in order to make it easier for jigsaw Ohh, let me put it on another table It s too tall. Oh, my dears, you d ask me why don t I do it with jigsaw Gue it? Please, look at the dictionary Me? Drevity is the soul of wit I m going to glue everything of it! OK? Jigsaw makes upper plan rise There s no matter cause it ll be grinded. I make it disappear not to confuse while glueling. A few of rounds And I decided to carve more Is it cold? No, it isn t. Did some exercises Vova, wouldn t you be able to gloss over my sweaty armpits Between slides I ll put PVA glue It s better to use more glue or else slided won t be connected to each other And junct them with screws It s better to screw not thoroughly if you overscrew, the cap falls off Well, glueing slide by slide Mammas… similar to mammas I wrote to one person that I show cutters and press but if you look at mammas, it s your problem rmchair itself will consist of two halves I ll be more convenient for me to grind Waiting 24 hours and tomorrow we ll continue Our sponsor My farther has been a builder since he was born And I really liked to help him So I m good at building topic. And we also had a lot of expluatation problems and with wood or dry, or wet or sounds You can avoid it if you put laminate because it s cheaper and easy to be repaired a lot of advantages. Nice to see producer of laminate Ritter Morther, farther… It s Ritter This laminate isn t made in China It s made in Russia according to German technologies Laminate s surface is covered with Overlay membrane consisting of rough corundum Vulnrability is maximal Laminate is rough and vulnerable thanks to Al2O3 34 class Locking system Mega-master makes it be easy to be repaired for example, if you decide to transfer laminate to… the countryside from your busy flat And laminate surface itself is warm Price and quality On producer s website there re loads of original designs See hyperlink given in description, use it and be happy! Designer s diary Don t bother a blond Slides are glued I m going to unscrew and then will start grinding While I was going to do it, price has increased They asked me wether it s convenient for me to work so Whatever I way – not to be hesitated They write also: clothes… I d say, even scotch suits me) Clothes won t kill me! Grindering every step in order to get smooth surface Will make it disappear using sawing turbo disc. 2 parts are glued The rest will be deleted with disc in order to spread the area Well, it would even target my eye. And I even stopped disc with my finger Very cool! There s a plan – table and I m going to point this level in order to make flat cut I ll carve the end with jigsaw. What… ahh I was thinking what is in my trainer I think this distance will be optimal My dear friends, you see it Vova s hepar It s after 1 week Will colour it Visualisation is maximal Blue marker Such a cow! My burenka! Narrow bends will be drilled to let jigsaw arrange it on well Carve is 7 mm Drilling stick – 10 mm It ll look like an egg From whole to whole All in all, I ve stucked with issue failure Screw became black Ohh, my dears This detail is taken from sound column and drilled whole inside in order to suit the wire It ll hold every mass of the armchair Cito! Please tell me something about marine nodes There ll be such a crash-test We ll determine weak places Training biceps So… dadadda A bit scared… So, let s start! Vova I see what you mean Ohh. it s time to recollect it! One thing that annoys me is failure So, I m going to glue again weak places There s a chance that it ll be expluatated on well. I m also going to oil outside and inside How many it s needed And tomorrow we ll test again A bit nervous. Mama I think I need to jump The floor is under my feet What a sound is! There is time for grinding! It d be quite difficult to grind with another disc, but choosing peaces is not good variant. One unneded moment and disc s failure occurs So, internal part is being grinded now! Great outcome! Want to have it? Narrow pieces will be grinded by drilling machine to make it be smoother The way isn t so easy That why I ll use sandpaper Something has happened with my suit You can t imagime how much time was spent on this armchair 1 year! The first idea was reglueling weak places Break and glue, break and glue It can withstand my weight It used to be broken between slices of plywood and another idea came too Outside and inside to glue with fiberglass Apoxyde does work So rough But I won t seat on it Be careful! I ve become thinner. Do you need a pillow? Seat further 80 kg are kept I m delighted with results Please write about your colour: blue or natural wood For you who like this video You know what to do It s 3 D timetable) Nobody would have done it. I ve just drawn it and it s already made!


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