Очень простой и очень быстрый дизайн ногтей с вензелями/Уже почти зимний дизайн ногтей/Шулунова Даша

Hello, my dear! I’m really glad to see you on my channel again! Well girls, today is a new tutorial! Let’s go! So, yesterday we did a very “scary” Halloween nail design. And today we will work with Nastya’s second hand. Since we worked with the first hand for a very long time, and this process dragged on until the next client arrived at the appointed time. In this case, we had literally 15 minutes left before the next client arrived. And we needed to make some very fast design on this hand. At first we thought of sticking stickers. Although Nastya told me that I would draw a design faster than stick a sticker. In the end, it happened. At first we began to glue stickers, then I began to apply an acid primer to dissolve them a little and it was easier to cover the top with a coat. But in the end, the stickers completely disappeared and spread out together with the top coat. Therefore, we had to remove the stickers and draw something very fast. And when we started to draw, the second client had already arrived. So, today we will create a design in 5 minutes. In fact, we have already done something similar with you. I did this when painting the whistle. We made such complicated swirl elements that when the first level of the swirl patterns consists of sparkles, and on the second level we do a detailed drawing, and add volume and airiness. We add more fine lines to emphasize the airiness and sensations of lace from our design. So, first of all, we make blanks for our swirl patterns. We fill the entire nail with outline for swirl patterns using gel polish No. 198 Next, we cover the nails with that coat. We take a thin brush and with it we begin to draw thin white swirl patterns with which we create a composition. As I said earlier, it looks very gentle and very unusual. And if you change the color scheme and make the background blue, then this design will look very winter. Therefore, take this design into service, repost this video on your social networks to save this video. And then, when the winter comes, you can remember this design and it will be on time. Meanwhile, we are adding subtle monogram elements on our sketches. We draw lines along the contour of the sparkles, in some places we apply the middle of the pattern, others we go a little beyond the contour of the sparkles. We draw swir patterns until the end result is sufficiently filled with elements in your opinion. Please note that we work with the brush as smoothly as possible. We do not draw a line of paint, we smoothly draw this line with a brush so that the paint helps the brush. Therefore, we work with a brush very smoothly, very slowly. The design on two nails took literally 10 minutes, . taking into account the fact that we were still entertaining the next client These are the nails we managed to make today. Here’s a nail design we made. This design is very unusual, very interesting! By the way, this burgundy shade, on adjacent nails, also looks great, and it seems that it glows from the inside. In general, I believe that a couple of such quick designs should be in the arsenal of every master, so I am sharing this with you, remember this design! And I say goodbye to you today! See you soon! Bye!


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