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design! ” In this video, I’ll share these pens with such a manicure. The ideal coating of the floor and how to fix it. And such little little fingers sprinkled. These pens came to me, returned. They were treated for 4 weeks. This is a gel polish, strengthening, leveling base. All intact – no cracks, no chips, no breaks. And at the very beginning, ceramic milled corn with a red notch I clean the length on all nails.
giving the initial approximate form immediately. The advantages of ceramic milling cutter for me over carbide
in that it does not heat up. After she removed the length of the cutter, remove the thickness a little bit from below
walk right away to cut less with a nail file. I do it at 20-25 thousand revolutions. And with such longitudinal movements from the cuticle along the lateral ridges. First, I shoot from the sides, from the left side. Longitudinal movements from cuticle to free edge I do not press on the cutter, I carefully go through. She removes it all like clockwork. I don’t press on the fingernail, but where are the kamifubiki these sealed Of course, a little pressure is still needed. Otherwise, you can cut for a long time. I do not press hard to shoot it evenly. I am now walking along the right side. I clean the gel polish from the right side. Neatly with such movements in a semicircle,
smoothing. To all very smoothly starred. The cutter is on my fingernail. I level up, remove excess ones in the apex zone (stress zone). Because I will report the material. And the apex has already shifted. To restore the architecture. I walk along the border of an overgrown gel polish. I see – if there are detachments somewhere, I cut them out. Everything is smooth right here. Compare with a natural marigold. I try natural marigold
practically not touch just hurt to remove the shine. I remove the dust. And I align the nails with each other so that they are all the same length in the end. Comparing the pens and the nails themselves – the index and
nameless. And align the shape with a nail file. First, I saw the guides, round off. Almonds will be the same again. We remove from the bottom, raise the nails. I compare with the sides with such oblique movements. I completely align the nail. And with such a soft brush I remove dust. I push the cuticle.
Gently push the pusher. The pusher is lying on the nail.
On the nails, I do not push the pusher. Here’s such a cutter flame with a red notch at 20-25 thousand revolutions I remove pterygium from under the cuticle and side rollers. Such longitudinal movements from the cuticle to the free edge. It is as if sweeping out all these particles. I walk in the sinuses of the side roller and polish the side itself
roller. I didn’t finish something – with a repetitive approach, I’m already polishing it, as it were. I clean the first pass and grind some fine, small, residual particles of dust. I switch to the reverse device. And I repeat all the same movements only to the right side. I cut out from under the cuticle, clean out the pterygium. And I walk through, clean out the sinuses of the side rollers. With a nose of a milling cutter, do not press gently and strongly, so as not to cut it. I periodically clean dust so that I can see what I’m cleaning. I polish the side rollers themselves I polish the side sinuses
side shelves handles are always rough enough
side rollers with cracks such small people have a lot
but I don’t work specifically rude milling cutters because they take off
very fast it’s all nice of course but mahra you are very likely
to cut so I work more sparing cutters but go through several times
further cuticle tweezers cut off the cuticle of the old middle
roll and pusher gently pushing the cuticle
to further paint degrease everything nails like that he drove a sip on
all sinuses good parable go through acid
primer and then acid free primer pouring pipes then has an ultra riot and
still bragging about such a find rubber base from mazur is very pleasant
consistency comfortable brush such a thick transparent
does not spoil nails well it is very worn Kovalevskaya is also better no worse
pyshnenko’s brush is so slightly round it’s very convenient that it’s very
I liked it, even without a hand, the master will be able to straighten her knives long
marigold she is gustin enough to good very
it aligns and stays in place doesn’t go anywhere
this is very convenient she herself evens better than Polevskoy
much so level our base thin I can use the brush of the tank until it works 12 times
turned everything dry up for 10 seconds and now such perfectly smooth nails
obtained very quickly without at all any streaks note that these pens
side rollers are very convex chubby
meaty and grout very often here from this base I was directly surprised
What’s on nowhere is one for edema
and get down to myself covered push back cuticles to further dye and
our spangles spangles we will these little fingernails will be
sprinkled with us pink glitter
gold align somewhere I bring where no dates
rassilon wide brush spangles these specifically between the wave
similar color prince now in all firms have these sparkles in jars all
materials all the links behind him by I dry it for 30 seconds, I work
alternately with left and right and handles and therefore, I do not specifically expect each
finger and overlap with a second layer neatly leveling look to
sparkles no genius sticking out didn’t stick out so you don’t have to
file they have such a property sometimes grind sometimes I dry 30
seconds and further all sides of the marigold overlap with such gel polish one
substances of those I like him madly very comfortable to wear all who do not
bedspreads are all very satisfied even this color is very suitable tone in that under the pigment pink gold. I painted over with a gel polish brush and, where necessary, finish it, I refine it with a thin brush. Dry for 30 seconds.
Marigold and overlap in 2 layers. I remove the sticky layer of gel polish, degrease all the nails, so that he does not fade.
It happens that gel polishes fade, not painted the top. Move back the cuticle and overlap with the top under the pigment. Top without sticky layer, glossy. So thin enough not thick but leveled but the layer is not
must be very fat so that we are not it turned out to be a very dense nail like a pie. I dry for 1 minute. And I’ll rub this pink gold pigment. He’s so coffee pink.
I rub in the cuticle thoroughly. There is a lot of pigment, I do not press the nail hard I don’t rub, but as if I’m finding a fingernail with this pigment. We will have pigment on two nails. On the ring finger and on the middle finger. Also, I rub the pigment on the middle finger exactly – at first the cuticle is well I grind, rub
and then the side rollers so that nowhere there were bald spots.
I don’t press on the applicator, just a lot of pigment enough I grind and continue with a brush
so soft enough, not hard so that she does not scratch the nail, but she can thoroughly clean out all the dust. I file the end, slightly completely. This is just in case – I’m already reinsured to all wore ideally these pigments. I coat “ultrabond” or with an acid-free primer and smear so neatly thin end face base so to fix the pigment for sure.
Dry for 10 seconds so that only fix me this base and block
glossy top, tight so that it is suitable for sliders and pigments.
Thick enough glossy and without sticky layer. I paint well
I seal the butt necessarily and we cover with a glossy top the nails on the index finger and on the big will be plain and overlapping
glossy top slightly align the nail if it is
need but try thin enough layer is not thick overlap sealing the end face.
The nail is smooth, perfect flare. I finish 1 minute.
On the little finger I push the cuticle here we will have a sprinkle. So that there is no gap then from
cuticles and before sprinkling. We cover it with a glossy top without an adhesive layer, sealing the end and pour on it our bulk sparkles in loose pink gold (matching the pigment) Well from the sides, under the cuticle, on
free edge – so that they are well saturated everywhere. I’m special moderate
strew – I wait for them to drown in the top. And dry for 1 minute. After that I clean with such a rather rough brush. I’m cleaning up well. Slightly file the end with a nail file so that the sequins do not cling. And I rub those nails with the pigment – degreaser (clinser) like a little podlaziya to your nails, as if in the sinuses under the cuticles and side rollers so that everything is good to clean the pigment clogged in them. Well, that’s it! Our sticky coating is ready! And I will be very glad to your likes and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, not to miss new videos.


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